Shas'o: Plasma Rifle, missle pod, SG, multitracker-132

Crisis Teamx3: Shas'vre,
Shas'vre has cyclic blaster/fusion blaster/shields/multitracker/target lock=92
Crisis 1 has missle pod/fusion blaster/shields=69
Crisis 2 has burst cannon/plasma rifle/shields=73

Fire warriors x 10, Sha'sui markerlight marker drone=150
Fire warriors x 12 sha'sui markerlight=140
Fire warrors x 12 Sha'sui markerlight marker drone=170

Pathfinder x 6, Devilfish 152


Broadside team x 3 210

Hammerhead, Railgun, burst cannons, multitracker, disruption pods 165

Sky Ray, smart missles, multitracker, disruption pods 160

I've considered dropping the target lock on one of the crisis suits and getting a second hammerhead instead of a sky ray, but am not sure. Any thoughts. Criticism is helpful.