So I've finally shelved my Chaos after my friend whose started a BA army trounced over them for the first time in a year. Sure I had some terrible rolls and won't give up on them completely, but I think it's time for the great devourer to be unleased upon them.

The models I have are as follows :-
-16 Termagaunts
-16 Hormagaunts
-16 Genestealers
-10 Ripper Swarms
- 6 Warriors
- 3 Carnifex's

The models I'm looking to aquire soon are :-
-2 Zoanthropes
-Hive Tyrant

Currently I only play against my friend since we're both trialing our new armies there is alot of proxying going on, So I can field anything in the codex aslong as I have something to represent it.

These are a must for what I want in the list:-
-2 Zoanthropes, probably in a spore?
-Genestealer heavy

The best I could come up with was this

Tervigon - 175

Troops 456

7 Genestealers
[Scything Talons][Toxin Sacs]
1 Broodlord
[Scything Talons]

7 Genestealers -
[Scything Talons][Toxin Sacs]
1 Broodlord -
[Scything Talons]

2 Zoanthropes - 120
Mycetic Spore - 50
[Stinger Salvo]

Heavy support

Total - 1001
Model Count - 30
MC Count - 2

My oponent plays a librarian dreadnought, and the dark version of the jump pack HQ with a retinue of other jump pack power weapon assault elites.

Any and all advice + changes are welcomed. The game is in 2 days. Thanks