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Thread: Attempt at 1850

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    Attempt at 1850

    HQ 1-2: Farseer - 120
    Runes of Witnessing

    Troops 1-4: Dire Avengers x10 - 272
    PW and Shield
    Wave Serpent w/ TL Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stones

    Elites 1-2: Fire Dragons x5 - 252
    Dragon's Breath Flamer
    Tank Hunters
    Wave Serpent w/ TL Bright Lances and Spirit Stones

    World Eaters: W-47 D-10 L-9
    Necrons: W-19 D-3 L-2
    Protectorate of Menoth: W-36 D-0 L-7

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    Runes of Witnessing is not needed for Farseers in most cases. Ghosthelm's 3+ roll in case of Perils as well as your 4+ invul if that should fail is more than enough.

    For Fire Dragons, Tank-hunters isn't needed for they get +1 for having AP1 weapons, and within 6" roll 2d6 for AP on vehicles. So an Exarch isn't really needed either unless you're going against a horde army, in which case, these guys should be nowhere an enemy that isn't a vehicle.

    Also, most players put an anti-infantry gun on a Serpent that is holding anti-tank units and vice-versa. This is to ensure that if one vehicle is shaken, stunned, immbolized, or wrecked, you aren't totally screwed.

    In most cases, Dire Avenger Exarchs work better with dual catapults when Bladestorming. The 5+ invul save the shimmer shield grants is for assault only.

    Best of luck.

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    Senior Member powerclaw's Avatar
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    I think this list needs from long-range shooting. Having 4 Troop choices is good but you're spending a lot of points on what's inside the transports. Also, Fire Dragons are great but you are really risking a lot by having nothing else for AT aside from 2 bright lances.

    Where can you save points:
    -your 2 Farseers are 240pts which is more then Eldrad. Eldrad is also better in most situations since you are unlikely to need 2 Dooms and 2 Fortunes and a Doom are often enough. That said, 2 Farseers are better for spreading the powers around so change this only if necessary.

    -Drop power weapon from the Dire Avengers. This is a mech list which means that any combat situation is a mistake on your part. You should be dropping several squads, Bladestorming something into oblivion and then embarking and getting away. Its not like that weapon is going to win you anything without Defend and the extra shots never hurt.

    -Decide if you are going to need 40 Dire Avengers. You are unlikely to face the kind of hordes that require that many shots. Most armies will have more tanks then troops and you'll find a lot of points are wasted. I love DA's but dropping the power weapons and reducing 2 of those squads to 5 gives you some serious points to spend on heavy options.

    -Bright Lances are really expensive and are usually just as good as EML's. If you drop the Lances on the Dragon Serpents for Shuri cannons you can take 4 EML's on the DA Serpents for a few extra points.

    -Fire Dragon Exarch are useful maybe 5% of the time. Dragons are already so good at what they do that you rarely need that expensive boost. Points can be better spent elsewhere.

    After that you have a choice of Fire Prisms, switching some Serpents for Falcons, Guardian Jetbikes for another troop choice (3+ invuln is damn fine), ect.

    In my experience Mechdar is hard to use against mech Guard and I have 3 Fire Prisms in my 1500pt list. You need something to dissuade the enemy from always hammering your troop transports. I even saw a list with 2 Wraithlords do great.

    Hope this helps.

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