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    1500 Tyranid allcomers list


    Based of the models i have so far, this is the best list i can think of as a general all-comers list.

    Hive Tyrant w/ Wings + Hive Commander = 255
    3 x Shryke Tyranids w/ twin sets of scything talons = 105

    1 Tyranid Prime w/ Pair of Boneswords + scything talons =90
    2 Zoanthropes w/ Mycetic Spore w/ Venom Cannon = 180

    Trygon Prime - 240

    Old One Eye - 260

    10 Genestealers - 140

    10 Genestealers - 140

    15 Hormogaunts - 90

    General idea to the list is that the GS and gaunts generally swarm the middle along with Old One Eye; soaking up bullets but just charging ahead to appear as the main threat. Whilst meanwhile the winged units fly around cover to get towards any straggling units; the Trygon blows out next to their main guys just to wreak havoc; and the zoan's/prime jump down to provide some AT. The prime is in their to provide Synapse but also melee defense for the Zoans because with only 18" range on the lance, they need melee protection once they get in close to shoot. So yeah, what do you think i should change/keep? I'm fairly new to nids so would appreciate any criticisms. The main one i'm pondering over is whether to drop the Trygon (as it cant assault first turn anyway i dont think; though the shootys it has are deadly) for a Mawloc instead and use the extra 70 points for a few more models here and there.

    If you could provide your own version of my list that would be even better.

    Thanks and P.S Don't be thrown off by the 'models i have so far' comment - i am able to purchase any new ones needed.

    Also may aswell use this post to also ask a quick question - my Tyranid Prime with this list... would he get 6 attacks or 5?
    4 on his profile, +1 for charge.. but then does he get +1 for having two boneswords or not? If so then i'll drop the Scything talons for a deathspitter - but if he needs the Scy Ta for the +1 A then i'll keep it.

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    No tyranid creatures get any bonus attacks from multiple weapons at all in this edition. Instead each weapon just has its own set of bonuses. It seems to be a pretty well focused list. I would suggest ditching old one eye and replacing him with a Mycetic spore carnifex with either a H. Venom cannon, dakkafex or just a CC fex with adrenal glands. you can use the remainder of the points on another unit(s). This way you can Deepstrike/outflank with your whole army and not leave old one eye to die alone on turn 1. Remember a tyrant's "hive commander" let's you take a troops choice as an outflanking unit....so give it to the gaunts! The venom cannon fex has the bonus of being able to stun vehicles and thus make them susceptible to your other gribblies (or even himself, depending how far away he is), if he hits, naturally. =)

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