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    First try at such a large points list

    Although I have posted a number of army lists on this site none have been above 1500pts so this is a first for me. I have tried not to get carried away with the amount of points at my disposal and would really welcome some C&C on this lists effectiveness.

    Farseer with: Runes of Witnessing, Spirit Stones, Doom & Fortune (140 pts)

    Dire Avengers (10 Strong) with: Exarch upgrade with Shimmershield & Power Weapon, Bladestorm & Defend Powers (177 pts)
    Guardian Defenders (10 Strong) with: Warlock attachment with Witchblade & Embolden Power, Scatter Laser Platform (125 pts)
    Storm Guardians (10 Strong) with: Warlock Attachment with Witchblade & Enhance Power, 2 Fusion Guns, Wave Serpent with Shuriken Cannons & Spirit Stones (242 pts)
    Pathfinders (6 Strong) with: No additions (144 pts)
    Jetbike Squadron (6 Strong) with: 2 Shuriken Cannons (152 pts)

    Striking Scorpions (6 Strong) with: Exarchj upgrade with Scorpion's Claw, Shadowstrike & Stalker Powers (148 pts)
    Howling Banshees (6 Strong) with: Exarch upgrade with Mirrorswords, Warshout & Acrobatic Powers, Wave Serpent with Eldar Missile Launchers & Spirit Stones (258 pts)
    Fire Dragons (6 Strong) with: Exarch upgrade with Firepike & Crack Shot Power (121 pts)

    Swooping Hawks (6 Strong) with: Exarch upgrade with Hawk's Talon & Skyleap Power (163 pts)

    War Walker Squadron (3 Strong) with: Scatter Lasers (180 pts)
    Falcon with: Starcannon & Shuriken Cannon (150 pts)

    Premise is that the Farseer accompanies the Storm Guardian Squad in the Wave Serpent, which with the Howling Banshees in the second serpent, and the Dragons in the Falcon, comprise the main spearhead of the force tasked with taking objectives backed up by the foot slogging avengers and guardians supported by the War Walkers. The Scorpions and Pathfinders are there for distraction as are the Jetbikes.

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    Nice list, here are some suggestions:

    Storm guardians as best for melee, and thus excell with double flamer (triple with lock destructor). If they will be in melle flamers are awesomer. If you are going to give them a fusion gun for anti-vechile get another guardian squad with a bright lance or eml. If anti-mech replace with more pathfiinders/rangers or dire avengers with bladestorm.

    Spliting the jetbike squad into 2 may prove useful for mu;tiple last minute objective grabs and a dispersion of enemy fire.

    Personally, I would take out a troop choice and use those points to max out one of your CC elite options (either 3 jeetbikes, the pathfinders, or the duardian defenders).

    Runes of witnessing usually are redundant. Warding is usually better.

    Falcon as a transport without holofields is a wreck waiting to happen.

    Fire dragon exarch is usually a point sink. A plain fire dragon does the same job.

    Lastly, i hate swoopers. Warp spiders are better anti-infantry harassment.

    Final note: this list has very few str 8+ weapons for anti-tank. You have the falcons gun, 1 eml. More would be best. Now, you have the fire dragons as well, which are awesome, but if you are thinking to play swoopers in a anti-tank role be weary. Not being able to assult on the deepstrike makes swoopers useless their first turn, even if they land near a tank. The enemy will position his foreces to respond to the haywire gernades, and most likely shoot a small squad of 4+ people down, or get you into the assult. To remedy your lack of range anti-tank it be best to either upgrade what u have (the wave serp, falcon, or warwalkers with emls/bls), or perhaps replace some of your heavy support choices with barebone firefrisms.
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    Tbh i do not like the list at all. it seems does not have a concept and is trying to do all aspects of the battle at once and mastering none.

    You do not have reliable long range AT and means to get close with your AT. You do not have blast defense required for footdar (see harlequin shadowseer). IG artilerry will make short work of you. Dire avengers are huge point sink. Why you need a 50+ point exarch?
    Falcon that can be stunned each turn?
    Dragons on foot without shadowseer protection?
    Runes of witnessing and no runes of warding which are much much much much usefull?

    Sorry but this will not perform well at this level of points.
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    This is a for fun list right?

    Well id trade runes of witnessing for warding stat.

    To save points id drop PW and SS and defend, then replace with Dual Catapults.

    If you are going to leave the fusion guns on the storm guardians, you need a spear on the warlock. As said before tri- flamers is generally better.

    Take the other hawk power.

    But honestly id drop the hawks to get another serpent for the Dire Avengers.
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