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    1850 First Army List

    Sup guys/gals. I'm new to Nids and 40k and still haven't played a game yet. (Work/Don't have my army ready is to blame) All I wanted to do is get some insight on what you all thought of my first army list. So here you go!

    All * next to the Unit means that they will be together

    Hive Tyrant 230pts*
    Heavy Venom Cannon
    Hive Commander
    Toxin Sacs
    Scything Talons

    3x12 Termagant Broods 180pts*

    3x3 Warrior Broods 360pts
    Barbed Strangler
    Venom Cannon
    Scything Talons

    3x10 Genstealer Broods 480pts
    Scything Talon

    1x3 Zoanthropes 180pts*

    1x3 Hive Guard 150pts*

    Carnifex 185pts
    Heavy vennon cannon

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    Ok. That is a good list considering you have yet to play a game, however there are some things that can be done to make that list even better

    1. I have seen allot of people run that kind of carnifex, someone I usually play with as a pair runs that, I find that it either rapes or it fails, personally I would change the set-up and run it as this:
    Devourer with Brainleech worms
    Devourer with Brainleech worms
    This will allow for 12 strength 6 hits in a single turn of shooting, it is sheer slaughter against most units. And for 5 points more? I think it is worth it.

    2. If you do choose to do this, you will be removing some of your anti-tank which for us nid players is a big thing. I to made this mistake on my first game with nids, also you need to give those zoanthropes spores, otherwise they will have to foot slog, (...tail slog ?) their way to the battle, and they will easily be gunned down in the open.

    3. I am not to sure if that Tyrant is legal? I think it can only have 1 pair of talons if it is using another weapon, not to sure dont have codex with me , but in my preference either have your Tyrant shooty or CC, in this case i would run it shooty, for that anti-tank

    4. consider getting 1 of those genestealer squads a broodlord, they really can turn the game for the better for you.

    And thats about it, however they are only my opinion on how you can make it better, lastly I will leave you with this, buy yourself a trygon, they are very, very, very GOOD! they will destroy alot, and can also counter some of those pesky vehicles, good luck !

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