Here is a list that I am curently makin Ive played a few games tweaked it a bit to be the best I can make it.

HQ- 2 Warrior Prime w/ Lash Whip & Bonesword and Scything Talons

Elite- 2 Broods of 3 Hive Guard
Doom of Malatai in a Spore

Troops- 2 Broods of 9 Warriors w/ Lash Whip & Bonsword and Scything Talons
2 Broods of 15 Genestealers w/ Scything Talons and Broodlord w/ Scything Talons

Heavy- 2 Broods of 1 Carnifex each w/ 2 sets of TL Devourers w/ Brainleech Worms in a Spore


Each Prime is attached to a Warrior squad and they run behind the Genestealers. I fleet the Genestealers to tie up an slaughter units that are to far forward. If something is in a light tank I use the Hive Guard that run behind the Warriors. Depending on where the largest grouping of units are is where I deep strike the Doom and then each side I drop in the Carnifexes. I pump shots from the fexes then afterwards use the Doom. Warriors run up an take care of harder units to kill. Q&C welcomed.