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Thread: Pimp my army!

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    Pimp my army!

    Hello. I'm new to orks and to 40k. I have collected various pieces for about 6 years but never really played. Recently I was given some Necrons and turned around and traded them for some Orks! I have a decent understanding of the game having played some sample games and watched many others. However, I'm totally new to these orks and would like to build a good list for my first showing at my local shop.

    I've always liked Orks but was kind of intimidated about buying them from ground zero. Since I was able to get a large bulk in one fell swoop for free I'm ready to Waaagh!

    Here's what I have to work with (1750 points is my goal since it's my local shops standard size game)

    Ghazghkull Thraka
    Big Mek (KFF, Choppa)
    Big Mek (Shokk Attack Gun)
    2 Warbosses (Blackreach w/PK and Slugga)
    Warboss (Slugga/Choppa, Pole)

    11 Nobz (10 Blackreach w/Slugga/Choppa, 1 PK)
    2 Painboyz
    8 Meganobz (3 Shoota/Rokkit, 2 Shoota/Skorcha, 3 TL Shoota)
    10 Lootas *OR* Burna boyz (Their arms aren't attatched yet)
    5 Kommandos (1 PK)

    45 Slugga Boyz
    21 Shoota Boyz
    3 Big Shootaz
    10 Gretchin (w/Runtherd)

    2 Warbuggies (weapon could be TL Skorchas or maybe TL Shootas)
    6 Deffkoptas (Blackreach w/TL Rokkit Launchas)

    2 Big Gunz (one Kannon and one Lobba)
    Looted Wagon (still an IG leman russ I have to convert)


    Obviously I need to buy some more models to bolster this force. What I'm looking for is not necessarily an army list handed to me. Instead I would like to know what you think my best choices are and why, possibly even tactics as well for those choices.

    Also, if you had this force, what would be your next 2-3 purchases to bolster it?

    OLD Dark Eldar W/L/D = 10/2/6
    NEW Dark Eldar W/L/D = 2/1/0

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    You really need more powerklaws, one with each unit of boyz. If nothing else, just glue on little claw-like bitz to their arms so they look like powerklaws. You could also just add the warboss models to the units and say they're nobz. You should also give them all bosspoles.

    For a 1750 point game you'll want 4-5 troop choices, so that's pretty much locked at what you have:

    10 grots w/runtherder [40]

    21 shoota boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole [166]

    22 slugga boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole [172]

    23 slugga boyz w/nob, powerklaw, bosspole [178]

    That's about 550 points, leaving you 1200 points for the rest of your army.

    The looted wagon should definitely be used as a battlewagon for the meganobz. Meganobz and normal Nobz don't work on foot, and I'd give the meganobz some combi-skorchas as well. The regular nobz can either be used as kommandos, or given a transport. I usually set them up in units of 7-10 w/2-3 powerklaws, painboy, cybork, waaaaugh banner, bosspole, and 2-3 combi-scorchas (on models with powerklaws). Also, since it's one of the only vehicles, I'd hold it in reserve.

    Definitely use lootas, not burnas. I'd add the big shootas to what you have (as meks w/big shootas) and field 2 units, one with 6 lootas and the other with 7. 9 models would be better, but currently you don't have that many.

    Deffkoptas work well in units of 2-5, as long as you outflank.

    Big gunz are great, but I'd use both as kannons.

    So in short, I'd use what you have, give each unit of boyz a powerklaw and bosspole, and give the meganobz and nobz transports. Since you only have one transport, I'd use it as a battlewagon for the meganobz, and then either buy a trukk for the nobz, or use the nobz as kommandos.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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