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Thread: 1750 Tournament

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    1750 Tournament

    ok going to play 1750 tournamen. the pre-set is going to be three objectivs in the middle of the bord and pitched battle.

    Farseer, doom, guide, stones, RoWard, RoWit :145p(hangs back with WW and dire avengers)

    Farseer, doom: 80p (goes with banshees)

    Avengers x10, Dual cataoults, Bladestorm: 152p

    Avengers x10, Dual cataoults, Bladestorm, wave serpent with EML: 272p

    Pathfinders x5: 120p

    Banshees x6, Executioner, acrobatics, wave serpent with EML: 243p

    wraithguard x5, warlock, enhance, spear, wave serpent with EML: 328p


    warwalkers x3, scatter laserx6: 180p

    What do you think? tips?
    I have been thinking of removing in prism and making room for a (wratihlord, scatter laser, EML) but I don't know.

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    The first Seer doesn't need RoWit, someone crunched the numbers once and you get barely any return and an increased chance of double 1's.

    Both DA's units need Serpents. You cannot run mixed mech with Eldar, it has to be all or nothing. If you can't get a Serpent, use Guardians. DA's so-so range and their flimsy bodies will get them swiftly killed, even in cover.

    You can downgrade the PFs to regular Rangers. Almost no one will shoot at them unless it's with a Flamer or something so a 2+ vs a 3+ save won't be a big impact. The additional AP1 chance is a wash, Snipers in small groups rarely do much anyways. You're taking them in the hopes they annoy an MC or a gun squad but mostly to hold an objective tight.

    Banshees are fine. I'am worried about your anti-tank though. A couple EMLs and 2 Prisms will not get the job done ever. If you have Dragons I'd think about subbing them for the banshees, or better yet the Wraithguard. I know they can take a tank, but most likely won't with only 5 shots. I don't really see much of a purpose for the Wraithguard at all. If their Serpent goes down, they can be ignored for a turn or two than mopped up at convenience by assault specialists or Marine hate.

    Walkers are great, very versatile and benefit greatly from Guide. They will likely attract some guns from your Serpents because of the firepower they can put out from a good range.

    Prisms are tricky. They draw fire really well but don't get to shoot much. Most opponents will leave them alone if they're all Shaken/Stunned. Wraithlords are great tar pits, decent shooters and will also draw fire, although maybe not right away. If you can test both, I'd do so. Consider an EML and BL for them though, you'll need the anti-tank.
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    Personally, not sure why people skim out on banshee numbers. If they are in a wave serp, they should be a full group - especially if lead by a IC (your farseer). Their crap saves are crap, and you don't want to phail moral checks when only 3 die. Also, their lack of strengh is only really balanced by more of them (and of course doom). It is a personal choice i guess, but I hardly see a reason to ever go less than the full aspect warrior squad group unless points are a very big issue.

    Wraithguard are a really wierd bunch, but they can be great if used properly, people don't seem to give them enough props. They are very versitile, and having the lock with enchance makes their only weakness (mellee) go away. Lack of shots and close range can only really be helped by more units or guide. I agree with the prince, 5 unguided shots will always be outpreformed by a squad of firedragons for anti-tank, or anything else for anti-infantry. My opnion is that if you are going wraithguard, might as well go for 10 as a troop choice to have a neigh immovable wall of objective caputring and good firepower.

    Dual Fireprisms are good. 1 TW uber shot is always awesome.

    Love the WW with the SL.

    Keep the pathfinders, only wounding on a 1 is worth the 5 points.

    Drop Wit, add more banshees, and rework why you want the wraithguard, what position they fill, and then fill that position with more point effective and numerous eldar units.
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    I do not know how much competitive is your environment but your list do not have enough mobility to compete with more hard list from sw, ig, vanilla marines and tyranids. your anvil will get smashed by high mobility units while your hammer will get alone and surrounded.

    In the current state of codex competitivity, you need point effective units and mobility (because mobility and cheap S6 cannons and psyhic defense is allwe got left).

    Pathfinders are nice units for fluffly campaign games, almost not usefull in tournaments - will not kill anything and their use is for baiting and fake deployments tactics - a good player will not fall too much in these

    foot avengers will run off for any trouble, will die in droves but is a good unit plagued cause is on foot so will be isolated
    prism/walkers - good units for me. walkers need very careful use due to their low survivability
    wraithguard - great unit if the cost would not had been 35. use dragons and you`ll have 2 units for 1 of wraithguard
    For almost the same points you can have eldrad for the 2 farseers but this is a matter of opinion
    you do not have pie plate defense for your foot units (foot eldar NEED harlequins shadowseer power)

    my little cents
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