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    1750 Fast strike force - opinions please :)

    Hi all,
    Was hoping for some opinions on my army list, the theme is fast attack through either flying, deep striking, reserves or deploying in cover.

    This is my first attempt at a tyranid list, so please do point out any problems or improvements that can make it stronger.

    Anyway, the list! :



    Hive Tyrant
    Scything Talons
    Implant Attack



    10 x Genestealers
    10 x Genestealers
    20 x Hormagaunts
    (400 Total)

    Fast Attack:

    3x Raveners
    3x Raveners
    3 Shrike Warriors
    w/ 3x Deathspitters

    (300 Total)



    Crushing Claws
    Bio Plasma
    M.Spore w/ Cluster Spines


    3x Lictors

    My main concern is synapse on some units and the hormagaunts.
    I took the Hormagaunts purely as a home objective holder, but given low LD and Feed Instinct I now realise this is probably a poor choice and a large units of Terms would probably be better. Thoughts?

    Thanks all

    Space Marines (1750pt): W/D/L: 6/1/0
    Lizardmen (2000pt): W/D/L: 3/3/3

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    Okay first up you’ve got a decent list there, but I think with some trimming and number increasing you could do a lot better. So im just going to run through the list and tell you what you could change.

    Tyrant – Looks good, but lose regen because he hasn’t got enough wounds to make it count. Id also swap Implant attack for acid blood, but if you like the ID factor then by all means keep it.

    Genestealers – I don’t tend to recommend 2 squads, ive found you don’t need them and 1 does fine. Also that gives you points to spend elsewhere.

    Hormagaunts – as you say don’t use these as objective units. However keep them because they’re a great unit, just give them adrenal glands, to glance light vehicles, which you could really do with.

    With the points you save on the genestealers, buy a minimised squad of termagants, and then use the change plus a few extras to buy yourself a Tervgion too. (Ill explain in a minute)

    Mawloc – good unit but again drop regen, he wont be on the board long enough to take enough damage to make regen worthwhile.

    Carnifex – Ich im not sure on that set up. Get rid of crushing claws, they just lose you the re-rolls (which will be vital for the heavy anti-tank because you have nothing else that can deal with it) and don’t give you much in return. Id also lose the bio-plasma to save you the points.

    Elites – Lictors are good. Deathleaper is great. Both is overkill. Id drop one of them, and of the two it’s the lictors that go for me, because deathleaper has psyker defence and a bigger threat factor.

    Now apart from that list, I see two problems.

    1. You have very little anti-tank and quite simply you need more, because currently if you come up against mechanises list, you’ve had it. So id swap the shrikes for a few hive guard, just to help out with that problem. Id also consider switching the fex for a trygon, and if its a straight swap, make him a prime too. This helps those synapse issuses and provides you with an awsome unit to boot.

    2. A lot of your units are fragile and easily killed off. So this is where the Tervigon comes in. If you take catalyst you can use it to make those troops vastly more survivable and ensure they make it across the board intact. If you chose to do this then combine the raveners into one big squad to get the most out of catalyst.

    Hope that’s helped you.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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