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    1850pt Fun List - CC - Longish post

    Hi! This is my second post, this time about orks (as opposed to weak humies'). I have a fairly large selection available for this army, having just blown some money at Maelstrom Games yesterday (great having birthdays! Would be better if they weren't on a Monday....). So, I have about 2250pts to choose from, with about 1400pts of that having been used before, so I dont really know what will work well. Anyway, here is my rough fun list to be used almost exlusively against Eldar (with wraithguard).


    Wazdakka Gutsmek 180pts (w/ bikers)

    AoBR Warboss w/ klaw, bosspole, 'eavy armour, cyborks 110pts (w/ nobs)


    10 Burnas w/ Mek 150pts + trukk 40pts

    9 Kommandos w/ 2 burnas and Snikkrot 205pts


    21 Ork Boys w/ 2x big shootas, Nob w/ Klaw & bosspole 176pts (footslogg)

    21 Ork Boys w/ 2x big shootas, Nob w/ Klaw & bosspole 176pts (footslogg)
    10 Nobs w/ Painboy, 'Ard armour, 3 Big Choppas, 1 Klaw 320pts + Trukk 40pts
    5 Warbikers w/ Nob, Klaw 160pts

    Fast Attack

    3 Deffkoptas w/ 3x Twin Linked rokkits 135pts

    Heavy Support

    Deff Dread w/ 4x combat weapons 105pts

    3x Killa Kanz w/ big shoota, rokkit, skorcha 130pts


    So, I also have a gunwagon (260pts) which has every single upgrade on the list, plus some Mekky modifications (4x shoots, 3x rokkits, reinforced ram + deff rolla, 'ard case, grots, Tank Kommanda, massive horns at about neck level that protrude from front, etc. etc.), but I haven't the points.

    Tactics (I think ....)

    Well, I have chosen a slightly combat oriented force, that might be decent in a fight against eldar (understatement), so the tactic involves charging and assaulting.

    The deffkoptas and Wazdakka take the flank and it is their job to destroy tanks (with rokkits and dakkaguns it shouldn't be toooo hard). Meanwhile, the trukk containing the Boss and his nobs charge forward as far as possible then assault. The other trukk (with burnas) go forward and burn stuff without getting out of their trukk (got to love 9 flame templates that can move 13" per turn). The rest of my army (the boys, the dread and the kanz) follow the spear head, running whenever possible. Call a Waagh then the fun begins.

    The kommandos have the special job of turning up on turn 2 (they have an uncanny ability to do so) and get stuck into any tanks that the bikes/koptas haven't dealt with. Otherwise, they attack enemy rangers or guardians that my normal opponent camps on his table edge.

    Generally, the tactic is to annihilate the enemy, at any cost, because I wont be leaving anything behind to hold my objective.

    Notes: I find the suped up nob squad with boss works well for me. It destroys his wraithguard, dire aven- what am I saying? It kills everything.

    Any and every comment/suggestion is welcome.
    Thanks for reading, sorry about length and general lack of tactical acumen, intelligence and hate of Eldar. Furthermore, sorry if the fond is too small.

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    If you're going to use wazzdakka, then add another unit of 5 warbikes w/nob, powerklaw, and bosspole. There's really not much of a point if you're only going to use one unit of bikes as troops. You're better off using him as a warboss w/powerklaw, cybork, and bike, and using the bikes as nob bikers.

    Give the nobz cybork instead of eavy armor. Don't use big choppas. Instead add 1-2 more powerklaws, and 1-3 combi-skorchas on the models with powerklaws.

    Give the deff dread at least one skorcha. Otherwise he won't do much against hordes.

    Finally, never mix anti-armor and anti-infantry shooting in the same unit. Either split the killa kan with the rokkit off into his own unit, apart from the other 2, or count it as a grotzooka instead. In fact, you're better off giving all 3 of the killa kans grotzookas, rather than big shootas or skorchas.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    A couple of things:
    1. burna boyz can't take a truckk give them a looted wagon or battlewagon
    2. the kans should all have the same guns so that they are more effective at either kill troops or killing tanks. Maybe all rockits as you need more AT in the list
    3. the nobz do need more PK's, painboy, cybork and a bosspole, in case the warboss wants to split from them and attack something else. Therefore the warboss doesn't need the bosspole.

    just some thoughts
    (were are my Super-Runts)

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