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    1500 Ork Infantry

    Hi all,

    Just finished an infantry list and was hoping you could pretty much rip it apart and give me some advice, also i pretty much start the game losing because i suffer really bad at deployment i never know how to set up correctly. Has anyone got any advice on this? Thank you

    Power Klaw, twin-linked shoota & cybork
    Points: 100

    Big Mek
    Kustom Force Field
    Points: 85


    7 Nobz (Warboss goes here)
    3 Powerklawz, 1 combi scorcha, pain boy, 7 cybork & boss pole
    Points: 285

    30 Slugga Boyz (Big Mek goes here)
    Nob with Power Klaw & Boss Pole
    Points: 220

    20 Shoota Boyz
    Nob with Power Klaw and Boss pole & 2 big shoota
    Points: 170

    20 Shoota Boyz
    Nob with Power Klaw and Boss pole & 2 big shoota
    Points: 170


    10 Lootas
    Points: 150

    Heavy Support

    3 Killa Kan
    3 x Rokkit Launcha
    Points: 150

    3 Big Gunz
    Runtherd, 3 more grots
    Points: 79

    3 Big Gunz
    Runtherd, 4 more grots
    Points: 82

    Grand Total: 1499

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    It's a good start, but there are a few issues:

    1. Nobz don't work on foot. They just don't. Either give them a trukk and hold them in reserve, or use the models as kommandos instead. If you don't use them as Nobz, then you probably don't need the warboss.

    2. I prefer ammo runts over runtherds or extra krew. Keep the other upgrades if you like, but I'd give them the ammo runts. With them, they become the most accurate shooting units in the entire army.

    3. If you have any leftover points, after the above changes, I'd consider adding more lootas (2 units of 9 would be nice, even if you have to use big meks w/big shootas to make up for missing models), grots (for sitting on objectives and/or screening your troops), or any other 'shooty' unit.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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