going for 1750 tourney list

so my 1250 and 1500 pt lists have dominated every one i played almost tabled every opponent and played some scary lists,
be also mindful of the list cause there is a comp system in place

the comp
Ratio of troop selections to other individual selections
3:1 – 5 pts
2:1 to 2.9:1 – 4 pts
1:1 to 1.9:1 – 2 pts
less then 1:1 – 0 pts
Percentage of points spent on selections that are taken as anything other then as their default choice (For example, Ork Nobs taken as troops, Wraithguard taken as troops, etc.. ).
25% or less – 5 pts
25% to 49.9% – 3 pts
50% or more - 0 pts
Percentage of points spent on vehicles (anything with an armor value)
25% or less – 5 pts
35% to 25.1% - 3 pts
45% to 35.1% – 2 pts
More than 45% – 0 pts
Army List (army list must list each units war gear/upgrades along with costs, number of units per selection, total number of models, and a breakdown of points and choices by selection. Army list was created on Army Builder or a spreadsheet, is accurate, and sufficient copies are provided for the tournament judge and all opponents – 5 pts
Army list was created on Army Builder or a spreadsheet, is accurate, but sufficient copies were not provided – 3 pts
Army list was not created using army builder or spreadsheet – 0 pts
Percentage of army points spent on Special characters
13.5 % of less– 5 pts
13.6% to 20%– 3 pts
20.1% to 25% – 2 pts
More than 25%– 0 points
Model Count (divide the tournament army size (TAS) by 20 and 15)
If your model count is <= TAS divided by 20 – 5
If your model count is => TAS divided by 20 and <= TAS divided by 15 – 3
If your model count is > TAS divided by 15 – 0

so this is what i have to work with lol sorry bout the blob

so here is the 1500 list

prime, toxin sacs, bone sword & lashwhip

9 Warriors w/ Deathspitters

6 Gene stealers w/ brood lord, Toxin sacs on all and scything talons on brood lord

10 gaunts

1 Tervigon w/ toxin sacs, adrenal glands, and catalyst

3 zoanthropes

1 Doom of malan'tai w/ spore pod

4 Raveners w/ rending claws

1 Trigon Prime

1 Trigon Prime

so warriors are my tarpit/death unit, i have never had any body in the tourneys kill this unit they hammer it but it tends to out live the enemy lol especially with the prime in it.

stealers are around to harass back field units with their outflanking.

gaunts are used for a screen for the warriors and to allow a tervigon to be a troop choice.

tervigon spawning more and more gaunts and to buff them up and fnp my warriors or trigons.

zoans to kill vehicles or to absorb fire cause a 3+ save goes along way.

the doom well he is quite self explanatory.

raveners add a quick punch and tie up units and the rending claws are very nice .

trigon primes these are either unit hunters or light vehicle killers.

so far my run with this list is out of 7 tourney games is 7-0-0 but 4 were 1250 and 3 were 1500. adding another trigon prime to really split up the fire bases so the rest of the army can push forward and not have to worry about so much fire.

so advice would be great cause i want to win these tourneys to fuel my blood angels lol.