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    1250 points allrounder army

    Hey there.

    Im starting to play alot down at my gaming club, loosing most of my games unfortunately, but im learning and the curve is starting to show =)
    So this is what i've come up with so far:

    Farseer - Spirit stones - Singing spear - Doom - Fortune - 133

    10x Striking scorpions - Exarch - Scorpions claw (187)
    Wave serpent - EML - Star engines - Spirit stones - Shuriken cannon (155)

    10x guardians - EML (100 )
    10x guardians - EML (100 )
    10x guardians - EML (100 )

    Fast attack
    5x Warp spiders - exarch - extra death spinner - powerblades (137)
    5x Warp spiders - exarch - extra death spinner - powerblades (137)

    Heavy support
    3x war walkers - 6x scatter lasers (180 )

    TOTAL 1229

    The farseer runs with the scorpions in the serpent, hunting units that is to tough for my ranged fire to take out.
    I've got alot of S6 attacks and missile launchers, the idea behind that is to kill any transports fast, making the enemy unable to move around much, giving me the advantage. No lances, so if i should face a land raider (the only thing i cant kill with my spiders in the rear) my plan is to ignore it, trying to outmanouver it.

    Well thats the overall strategy, let me know what you think! =)

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    OK a few things need to be addressed.

    Your Scorpions need to become Banshees. A unit of 8, to be precise, and the Wave Serpent doesn't need the Star Engines or Spirit Stones. The Shuriken Cannons on the Wave Serpent need to be Brightlances as well.

    Troops. Get rid of the Guardians. They're utterly useless. Take out all 3 units, as well as one unit of Spiders, and you should have almost enough points (with a bit of tweaking) for 2 units of 10 DA in Wave Serpents with Scatter Lasers and maybe 1 with Brightlances. The DA need to have an Exarch with dual cats and Bladestorm.

    Heavy Support is OK I guess, but if the rest of your army is going to become mech you might want to consider a Prism so you can keep up with yourself. This doesn't matter too much though, I like War Walkers.

    ~ DiW

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