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    Tyrannid 1500pts list

    Hi i wanted to try out a new sort of list and would value your help on it.

    HQ Tyranid prime 95pts
    death spitter, bone swords

    ELITES doom of malantai 130pts
    mycetic spore

    3 venom thropes 165pts

    3 hive gaurd 150pts

    TROOPS 8 warriors
    7 deathspitters, 1 barbed strangles 285pts

    8 genestealers 136pts
    adrenal glands

    8 gene stealers 136pts
    adrenal glands

    9 genestealers 153pts
    adrenal glands

    HEAVY SUPPORT 3 biovores 135pts

    3 biovores 135pts

    total points: 1500

    the tyranid prime will be equipped to the warriors wich will be a shield wall for the biovores, hive gaurds and venemthropes.
    the genstealers will be outflanking and will be sent light vehicles and elite infantry. the genestealers will also support the doom of
    malantai by charging into a unit close to the doom so that the doom can also fight in the close combat away from instant death
    guns. my biovores will string along with the main advance supporting the rest of the force and clearing objectives.

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    hmmmmm, well. A few things need to be sorted out so lets begin. You dont NEED those venomthropes, let alone 3, love the hive guards, they are great, you dont need so many warriors, 5 is fine, and you biggest problem. WHY SO MANY GENESTEALERS! personally I LOVE the genestealers but I only ever take 8 & a broodlord, ditch them all and only keep 8 genestealers with no upgrades and a broodlord, with maybe scything talons. With the left over points I would get 10 termagaunts and 20 hormagaunts, id give the hormagaunts toxin sacs, add in a Trygon prime for some damage, and perhaps a carnifex, and you dont need 6 biovores, if you really like them only take like 3. Good luck

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