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    1,500, for competative/ semi-competative games, First attempt at a nid lst

    [SIZE=2]Hey all, new Nid player here!
    Long time SM and Eldar player, but the bugs have got me!
    So here's my attempt at a 1500 list, mostly play Wolves, Vanilla Marines, Tau, and Daemons, but would like to start playing local games, let me know what you guys think, it's pretty obvious what tactics are, if you would like me to tell you, let me know.


    (1) Hive Tyrant
    w/ Heavy Venom Cannon
    Hive Commander

    (1) Tyrant Guard
    Lash Whip


    (2) Zoanthropes

    (1) Venomthrope

    (2) Hive Guard


    (1) Tervigon
    Scything Talons

    (4) Warriors
    3 w/Deathspitters
    1 w/ Barbed Strangler

    (12) Termagaunts

    (12) Termagaunts

    (15) Hormagaunts

    Fast Attack

    (4) Raveners
    1 w/ Deathspitter
    3 w/ Rending claws

    Heavy Support

    (1) Trygon Prime

    Not sure if putting up points on this forum is ok or not!

    P.S.- I know I'm 40 points short, I was thinking of Sporing the Zoans, Because my anti-tank is just o.k. and I was thinking if I spored the Zoans the enemy would have to divert its firepower there or my swarm on its way, either way I see good things happening.
    Do you think a 2nd squad of horms would be more efficient in this list? Rather than the 2nd squad of terms?

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    looks like a solid list but personally i would swap the hormagaunts for more gaunts and have them run near the terv, and give the terv adrenal glands and toxin sacs cause your paying 20 points total for toxin sacs and adrenal glands for every gaunt unit with in 6 which is nice, and the hormagaunts dont get the bonus and at the point cost for horms your only getting 1 more int and 1 more attack as where your gaunts are coming in at same int just one less attack but str 4 and re-rolls to wound on most infantry for cheaper. This should clear up some points to put maybe another hive guard or a zoan.

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    since there is only 1 venomthrope, he's a pretty obvious target for his perks and runs the risk of being focused on pretty early, which can be good/bad. maybe buy you an easier turn, but overall he really didn't server his purpose well.

    then again unless your hiding him withing your other units well, he might be hard to shoot. My advice would be to drop the zoanthrope and use the 55 points to boost the size of your little guys are get some more upgrades, maybe a cheap prime with that other 40? I don't see 1 venomthrope getting enough bang for his buck

    other than that I see no problem with the list, looks like you made it pretty solid, much better than my first attempt. Heh.

    And good luck, may your horde find many enemies to nom ;p

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