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    Combat + Shooty List

    I wanted to have a mix between close combat & shooting let me know what you think & what i need to change thanx:

    HQ Necron Lord + RO + Phase Shift + Phylactery + GOF = 200
    E 8 Flayed Ones = 144
    T 15 Necron Warriors = 270
    15 Necron Warriors = 270
    FA 4 Destroyers = 200
    3 Wraiths = 123
    HS Tomb Syder = 55
    Monolith = 235

    Total = 1497

    I didn't know how to write 1500 for the prefix sorry !!

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    Keep the warrior squads to 10 man, its far more efficient and minimises your losses in the event of being swept. In fact, having 3 squads of 10 instead of 2 squads of 15 will serve you better in objectives games.

    I'd go either all destroyers or all wraiths. It's not really a good idea to take both at the expense of the other. Since you're not running a wraith lord, I'd stick with more destroyers (2x4 destroyer units). Flayed ones are okay in CC but their lack of power weapons or rending really hurts them when fighting MEQs.

    And why are you investing so many points into the lord? The ResOrb and maybe GoF is sufficient for a phalanx lord. A warscythe couldn't hurt but its purely optional. A phalanx will provide decent enough protection for the lord.

    Though its good to have a balanced list, with a mix of shooty and slashy, its often better to go mostly shooty or CC.
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