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Thread: Apocalypse 4000

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    13 (x2)

    Apocalypse 4000

    Deceiver 300
    2x Lord w/ ResOrb 280
    1x D.Lord w/ ResOrb + PhaseShifter 200

    6x 10 Warriors 1080

    Fast Attack
    3x5 Destroyers 750

    Heavy Support
    1 Gauss Pylon 420
    Monolith Phalanx (3 Monoliths) 955

    Total:3985, PO:19

    I know you are not used to apocalypse lists(I'm not either!). However, I'd like to try it once!

    Here is the plan. The warriors will be splitted 30 and 30 in two sides with one lord in each side. They ARE capable of destroying ordinary tanks and light infantry, and that is going to be their job.
    The 15 destroyers will be into the nodal grid (inside the mono-triangle), since all enemy shots passing in there are reduced by 1 strength and no psychic powers allowed! The d.lord will also protect the destroyers. All lost 3+ WBB rolls will be re-rolled and re-rolled (WOW! 3 MONOS!)! So...come on! I challenge you to kill them!
    Finally, gauss pylon's job will vary, according to the enemy army.If playing against baneblades, titans or flyers the pylon will be deployed ordinary and fire its StrengthDestroyer Assault 3 focussed beam. Otherwise, if the enemy army consists of a lot of infantry, it will deep strike and fire its 18'' S6 AP3 D6 shots!

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