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    2000 point anti-MEQ friendly

    this is my first attempt at a Tyranid force so any comments/criticism is welcome

    Tyranid Prime- pair of boneswords,devourer,regeneration

    Hive Tyrant- 2 pairs of scything talons,toxin sacs,leach essence,psychic scream,wings,regeneration,old adversary

    Zoanthrope Brood
    2 Zoanthropes
    Mycetic Spore

    Doom of Malan'tai

    Hive Guard Brood
    2 Hive Guard

    Tervigon- adrenal glands,toxin sacs,regeneration,catalyst

    Tyranid Warrior Brood
    Tyranid Warrior- rending claws,deathspitters
    Tyranid Warrior- rending claws,deathspitters
    Tyranid Warrior- rending claws,barbed strangler

    Genestealer brood
    Broodlord- scything talons
    9 genestealers

    Termagant Brood
    15 Termagants- spike rifles

    Hormagaunt Brood
    15 Hormagaunts

    Tyranid Shrikes
    Tyranid Shrike- rending claws,scything talons,adrenal glands
    Tyranid Shrike- rending claws,scything talons,adrenal glands
    Tyranid Shrike- rending claws,scything talons,adrenal glands
    Tyranid Shrike- rending claws,scything talons,adrenal glands
    Tyranid Shrike- rending claws,scything talons,adrenal glands

    Gargoyle Brood
    15 gargoyles

    Trygon Prime-adrenal glands,toxin sacs

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    Hey, first up welcome to the nids, hope you find them enjoyable and have great succes with them.

    A quick point, do you think you could post any updates in a slightly condensned style? Ie rather than have Shrikes written out 5 times just put: 5 shrikes, Rending claws, Tallons and Adrenal glands. Just makes it eaiser to read.

    Other than that, with a bit of upgrade trimming, youve got a good list. Ill start from the top.

    Get regen and toxin sacs off that tyrant, toxin sacs actually decrease the chances of wounding MEQ's (even with the re-rolls) and regen is too unreliable, especially on a 4 wound model.

    Scrap the Tervigons regen too, it wont do enough to justify the points.

    Why spike rifles? Not worth it im afraid, just run your termaguants as is.

    Hormaguants will want 5-10 more models, and then they want toxin sacs too.

    Shrikes are good, if you have the points, take boneswords instead of rending, theyre a lot better against MEQ's.

    Gargoyles want both upgrades, theyre dirt cheap and well worth it. An extra 5 couldnt hurt either.

    Get those upgrades off the Trygon Prime, toxin sacs make you less likley to wound again and the strenght and initative initative bonus isnt worth it.

    Other than that, good list and good luck.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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