I always play shooting and I want to change a little from my ordinary list(Lord,10 Destroyers, 30 Warriors, 2 monos).
D.Lord/GoF/Warscythe 155
D.Lord/GoF/Warscythe 155
3x 10 Flayed Ones 540
2x10 Warriors 360
Fast Attack
10 Scarabs w/ D.fields 160
10 Scarabs w/ D.fields 160
Heavy Support
2 Tomb Spyders 110 (1 with staff of light)
2 Tomb Spyders 110

The plan is simple. The Lords will go with the scarabs and turbo-boost. They'll destroy every tank blocking their path. No one will be able to charge them, and all wounds will be struck back with S3!
The FOs will infiltrate and attack quickly and destroy enemy infantry.
The warriors will defend-capture objectives, while the spyders will attack to heavily armored foes, such as termies and stuff.