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    kroot combat patrol

    not sure wether this should be in army lists but its just a general question.
    were doing a little combat patrol league between me and my two brother -in-laws. between us we have got multipul eldar,tau and tyranid lists and weve got a bit of dark eldar and kroot
    were wanting to expand these two to 400 points, now with the kroot were not fussed about legality of the list and we realise we cant make a great list just using the tau codex, with a proxy shaper in battlesuit as HQ,
    basically all weve got is 2 boxes of kroot and a shaper and were going to use the apoc formation from the GW website and the kompletely kroot 5th ed codex.
    has anyone played with kroot and this or othere codexs and have ideass for a semi-cometitive list, cheers CM

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    Sorry champ, us Kroot lovers are a dying breed. And views are nothing to go by. I've seen threads with posts in the 50's with multiple thousand views. Since you are playing a Kill-Team game, I suggest you use the apoc formation and either use trackers, or a mix of using the rules for the poison attack kroot and sniper rifles. If you read the formation carefully, there is no rule stating you can't stack kindred types, which makes sense since the beast riding trackers normally come with snipers.

    Recent updates and FAQ take away from kroot, making them no better at fieldcraft than a space marine scout wearing a blanky-cape, or an IG veteran. If you can, try to play your fist game with these guys in a jungle themed table against Catachan. That would make for a great narrative.
    Sleeping, not dead.
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