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    First Ork Tourney! Advice needed

    Hey all. As the title suggests there is a 40k tourney in a month and I won't to participate. I have been in the hobby for 6 years and have not gotten to many tourney's. I have played Orks for 2 years now, so it's not like I need help making a list, just how to tweak mine for tourney play.

    The Tourney is 1750pts and I play with 1850pts. I don't want to just cut 100pts from the list so thats were you guys come in!

    Here is my 1850 list

    85 Mek KFF
    105 Warboss, klaw, bosspole (because i made a cool conversion for it, I know a lot of people don't put it on him) and cybork body

    135 Lootas x9
    135 Lootas x9

    149 Choppa Boys Nob, Klaw x19 (Warboss goes here, and are in battlewagon)
    112 Choppa Boys nob, klaw, BP x12
    50 Trukk Ram, armor plates
    112 Choppa Boys nob, klaw, BP x12
    50 Trukk Ram, armor plates
    235 Shoota Boys nob, klaw, BP, x3 Big Shootas, x30
    235 Shoota Boys nob, klaw, BP, x3 Big Shootas, x30

    160 Battlewagon ard case, deff rolla, red paint, grot riggers, stikkbomb chuka, armor plates, x2 big shootas
    165 Killa Kans x3 Kustom mega blastas
    120 Looted wagon, boom gun, big shoota, ard case

    For the Tourney I was thinking of
    -160 Battle Wagon
    -120 Looted Wagon
    -48 Ork boys in battlewagon x8
    50 Trukk for boys that were in battlewagon
    60 x3 Kannons
    67 Grotz
    45 Deffkopta TL Rokkits

    I want to add grots or a 6th scoring unit because in my games I always set my lootas near any objective in my deployment zone. Then I have to wast one of my trukk boys to come out from reserve just to sit on an objective. However I also would like a killy unit that is also survivable. I don't know.

    So again what would you do to drop this list to 1750? Oh and my 1850pt army is fully painted so its not like I wont be able to paint the new models in time, however I don't want to drop a ton of money to make a brand new army. Sorry kinda long

    Repainting Orks not sure how many points yet
    Warriors of Chaos shelved until further notice

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    Take the Pole off your Warboss, the conversion can stay. He can just have a cool banner or something but you really don't want it on him mechanically.

    I wish you had all Shoota Boyz, they're better even in a meched up army but you have what you have. It would be great if you had a second Battlewagon because you could run the Trukks behind it, right now I think your armor will be easily shot down even with the KFF.

    Drop the Ard Case, Stickbomb Chucka and Red Paint from the Wagon. 1" makes no difference, I3 Boyz don't need Frag Grenades and not being able to go 12" and charge is awful for you.

    KMBs aren't bad, I'd rather see more anti-tank though.

    Not a Looted Wagon fan, they get left behind by you, are unpredictable and easy to wreck without the KFF, or at least Shake/Stun. Better use for points.

    I would NOT drop the Wagon because AV10 with KFF is still dead. You need that heavier armor blocking LoS on the Trukks and the Deff Rolla makes it invaluable against other heavy armor, foot IG, etc. I'd add a second Wagon if you can get one.

    Buggies would be better than Kopters if you keep the mechanized feel. The KFF keeps them running and they don't rely on Reserve dice, or range ahead and die early. Kannons are okay, I'm not a fan of artillery but they aren't bad. Good job adding Grotz, you're right having to keep Boyz back as baby sitters is awful.
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