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    new to Eldar, 1000pt advice

    After years of being out of the game, I finally have the time and money to get back in. Years ago I played Space Marines, but I'd like to start a 1000pt Eldar army. I got a hold of the codex and ran the numbers, here's what I'm thinking:

    1x Farseer - Spear, Spirit Stone, Doom, Fortune
    1x Warlock - Spear, Conceal
    10x Harlequins - Troupe Master, Harlequin Kisses, Fusion Pistols
    2x Shadowseers
    5x Dark Reapers (no exarch)
    10x Dire Avengers - Exarch, Defend, Bladestorm
    10x Guardians - Exarch, Platform, Grenades

    Put the Farseer with the DA's and the Warlock with the Guardians. I know I don't have strong anti-tank, but using the Shadowseer to get the Harlies close enough to use their fusion pistols seems like a good idea. 2 squads, each with 2 fusion pistols, plus hit and run. I think they could easily take down a dreadnaught.

    It's a very 'wait for them to come to me' army. Any comments/questions/concerns/blatant ridicules?

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    Most people will tell you to use the eldar strengths, which in this case is mobility. to get mobility you need wave serpents.

    Guardians are very hard to use, their low range and poor ballistic skill means you will do more everytime with dire avengers. for the same cost you do not get a weapons platform(which rarely hits or a warlock), but you do get 6 more inches of range, an approximately 17% better chance to hit, as well as slightly better saves and the possibility of bladestorm. Storm Guardians are a bird of a different stripe, the build with 2 flamers and destructor warlock comes highly recomended.

    Dark reapers are outstanding, Armored infantry killers without peer, but... and its a big but, they too are hard to use, they are not mobile. a good opponent can keep you out of line of sight for most of the game, dawn of war deployment means for the first turn you have to walk onto the board, not being able to shoot. really hard to get to work but when they do work they make marines cry.

    ok for my suggestions, and i am a new to eldar myself so this could be criticized too

    2 troops, a squad of storm guardians and one of dire avengers both in a wave serpent.

    drop the reapers and look at war walkers, i ran a list with 3 war walkers in a squadron last night, 12 star cannon shots guided, and without doom still killed. with their strength they can hit most tanks and even be a threat to preds and vindicators with amount of shots. and they will whipe up infantry ignoring all but term armor. and they can move and fire

    then try the harlies out and see if you like them, but since your farseer will not likely be able to keep up with them consider retasking him to support your war walkers with guide and possibly doom, or to support your dire avengers.

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