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    First army from years ago

    I am usually an ork player but a few years ago I had an urge to play a shooting army. So I bought a bunch of necrons to complete this goal. Long story short, I moved away from other players but I am back around a 40k group and want to try out the army I never got to play.

    Here is what I am working with...

    Necron Lord
    +Destroyer Body
    +Res Orb
    +Phase shifter

    2 Wraiths- 82

    Necron Lord
    +Veil of Darkness

    5 Immortals- 140

    13 Necron Warriors- 234

    13 Necron Warriors- 234

    Monolith- 235

    4 Necron Destroyers- 200

    Total- 1495

    I have been looking around the forums for ideas and alot of people seem to feel that destroyers are the necrons savoir. Yes, they are strong but I am not trying to buy new models, money is tight so I will work with what I have.

    I am more looking for tactical ideas for what I have to work with but I do have about 14 more warriors I could use and a butt load of scarabs I could add in. Maybe someone has some new war gear ideas for my lords.

    I am not really using my destroyer lord to rush off with the wraiths foolishly into combat, he is more of a unit to slow down the close combat coming after me or to go cut open the tanks giving me trouble.

    So any tactical ideas? Army fine tuning?


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    Hello Zythe. First, welcome to LO. Feel free to contact either myself or another mod if you have any questions. Second, we post our army lists in the respective army-list sub-forums, which can be found at the top of the army homepage. No worries. I'll go ahead and move your thread.

    Finally, it's against LO Rules and copyright infringement to list individual point costs for units and/or upgrades. You can, however, list the total point cost for each squad, even if the squad is only a single model. I've taken the liberty of editing your thread to reflect current rules standards.

    *thread moved*

    EDIT: Rules
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    Several small things:

    1) Optimal number of warriors is 10 per squad. Bigger squads get harder to position so that they can all reach targets and only risk loosing more when they get swept. Thus I suggest dropping 6 warriors and using the points to get 2 more Destroyers.

    2) Wraiths are a bit iffy here. If you run only two of them they are likely to get shot down before ever actually reaching anything. Other option for you might be drop the Wraiths instead of 6 warriors and get 4 more warriors to run three 10 warrior squads.

    3) Your lords are suboptimal. Your support lord (the one with res orb) doesn't really need destroyer bosy, phase shifter or warscythe. You can very well sit him with one of the warrior squads as his main job is to carry the orb. Your Flying Circus lord (the one with Veil of Darkness) should really carry Warcythe. This is because if your Circus hits anywhere near enemy heavy support vehicles (like Leman Russes) you can detach the lord and make him assault the vehicle on his own. Yes, you are likely to lose him the next turn but that sacrifice is usually worth it after he has already deployed his Immortals to the back, sliced up an AV14 vehicle and made the enemy split his fire between the lord and the immortals.
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