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    2000 pts Tournament Army

    I was reading the GW Dark Eldar comment that indicates you can build an entire army around the Dark Lance so I came up with the following list.

    HQ Asdrubael Vect 277
    Elites ( 3 Squads Totaling 614 )
    10 Wyches
    1 Succubus upgrade
    Plasma Grenades
    Wych Weapons
    Goblet of Spyte
    Fast Attack ( 2 Squads Totaling 148 )
    3 Hellions
    2 Blaster
    Troops ( 6 Squads totaling 600 )
    10 Warrior Squad
    2 Dark Lances
    Heavy Support ( 3 Ravagers totaling 360 )
    3 Ravagers
    3 Disintegrators Upgrades
    Total 1999
    1 point for close combat weapon
    Grand Total 2000

    Essentially you use the 6 squads of warriors to form a picket line and light up 12 Dark lance Shots a turn on heavy vehicles. The 3 ravagers are all upgraded w/ disintegrators to take out elite units such as Termies. Asdrubael and the 3 raiders w/ dark lances play clean up anything else with heavy firepower. Essentially you hold ground for 1-2 turns lighting up all of the enemies heavy support and big nasties. If anything tries to get into close combat be sure to send the wyches and hellions for immediate disposal. By turn 3-4 the army the army can use the massive amounts of rapid fire and 90 infantry for hand to hand.

    I would love to hear some things I would need to watch out for when fielding this type of army or recommendations on what to change.

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    I suggest you increase your picket line by another 2 Dark Lances, by taking a second HQ as Dracon with Poison hands, and 5-9 warriors with 2 dark lances, and that can have a raider to, giving you a further dark lances, and i also suggest you take raider squads, with 10 warriors with 1 DL (you keep the same amount as the raider comes with one as well).

    That way overall you'll have
    7 Dark Lance empty Raiders
    70 warriors with 8 Dark Lances
    3 Ravagers with Dissintegraters

    I'm not sure about the costing now in this list, it may be worth dropping vect and taking another dracon with dark lances as it'll free up the points spent else where, and i'd drop the hellions as well as they will just die, and just keep the three wych squads as the back up support as protection.

    As far as this would actually go? Depends who you versing really. It has 18 Dark Lances, but i've found even that can be not enough to ensure decent rolls and penetrations and explosions.

    If you drop the dissi's and get up to 30 max Dark lances we can take, then it's very interesting. Ok well, i suppose we can take more then that if you use scourge, never really considered that.

    Scourge can have 4 lances...

    In theory the most lances you could have are....

    HQ - 6 Lances
    Elites - 3 Lances
    Troops - 12 Lances
    Heavy Support - 12 Lances
    33 Lances.

    I have no clue how that would go, if you can afford to beef the squad sizes up, could work alright =p.

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    I like it. I'm still keeping with the disintigrators on the Ravagers. I love the blast radius so I now come up with:
    2 Dracon 70
    2 Poisened Blades 10
    10 Warriors 80
    (4) Dark Lances 60
    (2) Raider 110
    3 x (6) Wych Squad 216
    1 Succubus upgrade 24
    Plasma Grenades 15
    Wych Weapons 15
    Goblet of Spyte 5
    (3) Raider 165
    6 x ( 10 ) Warrior Squad 480
    (6) Dark Lance 60
    (6) Raiders 330
    Heavy Support
    (3) Ravagers 315
    (3) Disintegrators 45

    Total 2000

    This brings us to:
    Dark Lances 21
    Disintigrators 9

    What armies do you still think would cause the most problems for this build?
    Last edited by mrvegas; May 29th, 2010 at 16:18.

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    Actaully not a bad list, the massive amount of troops on foot can be your downfall however.

    FOC wise and the units themselves aren't bad, but the whole deal is not easy to play, I've actually used something like this.
    I feel like you misunderstood the concept of "army based on DLs", it just means we have access to a lot of DLs, it's not the point to have as many DLs as possible. This can be considered as a themed list, it's not the best tournament friendly list, because it's hard to use.

    You biggest concerns are massive hordes and fast cc armies. A fast cc army can go in cc with your troops and kill them all fast. If there are objectives, you're screwed at that point.

    The HQs may look like ravagers, but they're not, they've weaker and so much more expensive.
    I'm glad you lowered the wyches to 6, 6-8 is the only acceptable number for wyches, below it's not enough, more it's too much (just a waste of pts)

    I would seriously put at least 2-3 troops in raiders, in most casses it's best to have 2 sniper squads at most, 2 because those 2 will be able to find cover. A sniper squad without cover will die very fast. The raider squads have 3 advantages :survive longer in the open, they can move fast and far away and last: they're the perfect objectives grabbers (wait for last few turns to capture an objective.

    A few raider squads + snipers is the best way to go, snipers go in cover, other already have extra armor and they capture objectives.

    Sniper squads only have a hard time capturing objectives and they're fragile. Furthermore you lose turns while moving towards an objective, which they may never even reach.

    Now a better choice for HQ would be incubi + lord, you can even take drahzar and a master incubi with combat drugs, it's more reliable and you already have an impressive amount of DLs anyway.

    4 cc squads are actually the perfect interceptor for cc armies, they block and kill anyone who wants to get to your troops.

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