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    750 Point Competitive List

    I noticed there aren't too many small point lists in the forum and the club I play at usually runs 750 point games.

    So here is first a little bit about what I've experienced and my current list that I hope to use to finally turn things around with. From what I've learned from playing small games is that it can be quite tough for Tyranids to take out tanks in lower point battles.

    So far Tervigons rock at pumping out troops which can overwhelm most armies at 500 point games but against a 750 point Sisters of Battle guy that I went up against a Tervigon with lots of termagaunts is not going to be enough.

    The main problem was he had a tank (organ pipe looking thingy) with some help from a troop unit or two that took my Tervigon from [6] wounds to [1] wound in the first round of shooting. Luckily the Tervigon dropped its max 18 termagaunts in my following turn to try and make up for the loss. Or maybe he just had The-Living-"Termagaunts"-Scaried right out of him. The game was pretty much dominate by me getting shot as I moved forward. But, I was able to somehow come out with a tie. I bearly contested one objective as he just fell short of claiming the other one. Scoring 0-0 instead of 0-2.

    Anyways the list that tied with consisted of a tervigon, flyrant, 7 warriors + tyranid prime, termagunts. This mimics my 500 point list where I take out my flyrant.

    I historically always liked my flyrant and through 4th ed it was my only real reliable tankbuster but, as many forums have discussed and I have experienced: It's fast, scary, and can probably still kill anything BUT its also expensive and can die in one round of shooting. (boo.. 4 wounds with no invulnerable save)

    So I'm changing my ways a bit. I'm putting my flyrant back on the shelf, bought some hive guard, and dusting off a biovore which I haven't used in years.

    Here is the list (750 Points):

    3 Hive Guard *150 pts* 24" S=8 AP=4 (2 Shots each)

    1 The Doom of Malan'tai *90 pts* 24" S=X AP=1 (Large Blast)

    1 Venomthrope *55 pts* (Spore Cloud)

    1 Tervigon *210 pts* 18" S=5 AP= N/A (Large Blast)
    (Regeneration and Catalyst)

    20 Termaguants *100 pts* 12" S=4 AP=5

    5 Genestealers *70 pts* (Rending and Infiltrate)

    1 Biovore *45 pts* 48" S=4 AP=4 (Large Blast / Barrage)

    3 Spore Mine Cluster *30 pts* S=4 AP=4 (Large Blast/ Orbital Deployment)

    The basic Idea of how I would use this army is as follows.

    1) Spore mine cluster drops into hopefully mess up or alter how mu opponent depolys his army before the games starts.

    2) Genestealers may infiltrate if there's an opportunity to do something or stay in reserve to outflank later.

    3) Everything is massed together and is centrally located around the venomthrope (including the Biovore).

    The Vemonthrope hides behind tervigon to stay out of sight. While out of sight he can provide a 5+ cover save to every unit within 6 inches. I'm going to do my best to everything possible to benefit from this.

    So we got one single unit of 20 Termaguants out in front providing cover for everything behind it. Tervigon applying Catalyst (Feel No Pain) to the 20 Termaguants to give them some rigidity. If possible I may lag a few behind to give the termagaunts an additional 5+ cover save from the Venomthrope.

    The whole group rolls forward through the center of the map while lobbing spore mines from the Biovore, spears from the Hive Guard, and large blasts from the Doom of Malan'Tai hopefully gaining strength as it bombs infantry. The Doom will be able to demolish tanks later that the Hive Gaurd just can't crack.

    By moving through the center of the map, the enemy will hopefully be pushed to the side where my genestealers (if they outflank) could be of good use.

    So what do you guys think?

    I'm a fan of the variety of units I'm bringing on to the field. I think it will allows me to get the most of the unique benefits a tyranid army can have at 750 points.

    My biggest concern for this army list is, my success will seem to rest on my one synapse unit the Tervigon, and my only defense against anything with AP the Venomthrope.

    Is this the best that anyone can really do with tyranids that can take on tanks and still be good at infantry?


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    Looks like an interesting list mate, but I'm a noob and can't really speak much for its effectiveness.

    I'd just like to say though that I think 750 points is one of the coolest levels to play games at. 750 point armies are fairy small and it makes every unit important, which makes for an intense game where army composition gets interesting. As most forces use up the majority of their points with their troops and HQ requirements, people really have to think about what goes in after- in a way almost every army at this level has a distinct theme, which I think rocks.

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    pretty nice list, but only 1 synapse is a real pain.
    i'd try to put at least a zoan.
    remove the rules for the weapons, it isn't allowed to post them on this forum.
    the biovore and spore cluster are really not effective, tried them and got really disappointed.
    Doom is a great model^^

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    with the biovore and the tervigon and stealers and doom, it looks like you have plenty of anti infantry, the only problems I see is lack of fast At, but the hive guard should do fine, You really dont need the spore orbital drops, since your biovore will be launching at his infantry almost T1 anyway, my suggestion is to, drop the spore mines, 10 termigants, and the venomthrope,

    I know how useful they can be, but since its all by itself and is quite unique it'll get picked on right away and you wont get your free 5+ for very long making it a bit of a waste, so
    - 10 gants, venomthrope, 3 spore mines, that'll give you 135 points, get a Tyranid Prime HQ and stick him with your biovore, giving you extra synapse, giving your Anti Inf bomb more wounds and a 4bs over 3

    And give the doom a spore, hes no good walking at all, hes a shock and awe unit meant to drop in and hit hard, if hes around after that its all icing on the cake
    this still gives you 15 points to play with prime upgrades D.boneswords or B.sword L.whip would probably be fine depending if you have him hit CC

    there's my 2 cents hope it helps, and good luck!

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