I don't actually play Tau, but I'm trying to help a newbie Tau player make a decent starting block for the league (points increase by 250 each month until November for 2000 in the end).

I don't really know all that much about Tau, but how is this for a place for him to start.

0-1 HQ
0-1 Elite
1-3 Troop
0-1 Fast
0-1 Heavy

  • Shas'el (FireKnife) - TA, HWMT, HWDC, Shield Drone - 112
  • x2 Crisis Suits (Deathrains) - Teamleader (w/ TA, HWTL, HWDC, shield drone), TA - 131
  • x6 Firewarriros - Devilfish w/ DP and MT - 155
  • Broadside - Teamleader (w/ HWDC, Shield Drone), ASS - 100
Total: 498

Good, Bad, Tweaks?