hey there LO!

so this is my first time here in many a year, an i remember you guys being very helpful, so i hope that you can help me out now.

I went to my local bunker, and BAM, it was BITZ BAZAAR!!!!!! i was so happy because i was sick of my poor little space marine tank company that i needed to try something new. well long story short it got about 3000 points of tau for just over $100 bucks. so here i am, fighting for the greater good/

this is the list models that i currentally own, and i am looking for some help as to how i should build an army out of it.

60 firewarriors
12 crisis suits
4 broad sides
2 hammer heads
1 sky ray
2 devil fish
12 stealth suits
1 piranha
16 pathfinders (no rail rifles)

so... help, please! i really have no idea what to do as i am new to tau!

LO, your my only hope