on june 12th i'm playing in my second tourney. It has some special rules. 500 point army. no named characters, no toughness above 6, no more than 3 wounds, no vehicles with armour above 11. we will be playing 6 armies, free for all kinda style, each round per table. I have basic ideas of what i want i just need to get the details out and make a few choices i'm hoping to get some help on.

warboss with power klaw 85

5 lootas with trukk 110

5 nobs one w/power klaw three w/ big choppa 140

20 boys w/ one nob with powerklaw 161

that totals 496

what i'm trying to decided is what boys to take. slugga/choppa for the extra attack in hand to hand or shootas for the better guns. also wondering if the trukk should stay with the lootas or if i should put the nobs/warboss on there. if i ditch the trukk and two boys i can take a deffcopta with twin linked rokkit launcha or a killa kan with rokkit launcha. . . decisions decisions. . . thanks for any and all advice!