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    New player's first list! Mech'dar

    I would really appreciate some feedback on my first real army list. Up to now I've played some 400 point Combat patrols but I am now upgrading to a full 2000 point list. Two things I would like to keep are at least 2 squads of Dire Avengers and the Shining Spear squad (my favorite model). Thanks for looking! I'm open to a lot of other ideas!

    1x Farseer (On Jetbike, Doom, Fortune) 140 points
    5x Warlocks (On Jetbikes, 5x Destructors) 195 points

    1x Autarch (On Jetbike, Lance, Fusion Gun) 195 points


    10x Dire Avengers w. Exarch (two shuriken catapults, bladestorm): 152 points
    1x Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, Bright Lances) 145 points

    10x Dire Avengers w. Exarch (two shuriken catapults, bladestorm): 152 points
    1x Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, Bright Lances) 145 points

    10x Dire Avengers w. Exarch (two shuriken catapults, bladestorm): 152 points
    1x Wave Serpent (Spirit Stones, Bright Lances) 145 points

    Fast Attack
    5x Shining Spears w. Exarch (Skilled Rider, Withdraw, Star Lance) 237 points

    Heavy Support
    2x Fire Prisms (holo-shields, spirit stones, shuriken cannon) 340 points

    Total: 1998 points

    The idea is to use my superior mobility to let finesse win over brute force. The Dire Avengers will be used as a Fencing foil, hitting first then withrawing while my Jetseer Council will be an anvil unit for my Spears to hit hard in CC. I don't have any dedicated AT units like Fire Dragons so I put Bright Lances on all the DAVU serpents with 2 Fire Prisms for some added AT support.

    What are the pros and weakness of this army? Do you think it is a solid list? Thank you.

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    looks like a great list but u might want to put enhance and embolden on your bike coucil instead of 2 destructors. i think its good other than that should make a fine list, it takes a few games to get used to its play though. oh and u might want to put spirit stones on ur seer.

    hope my advice helps and good luck!!!!

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    Your antitank is weak in number of shots, you have 2 jetbikes units that will attract fire or be stopped in combat. Only 1 melta is low count. your seer council should have at least 1 enhance 1 embolden. Enhace get`s +1 ws and +1i giving ussuualy 3+ to hit in CC and before most of enemy units. this is very needed because warlocks have only 2 attacks (3 on charge). Against your list i would shot down the spears (with your autarch inside) fast, i would stun each turn the prisms and ignore your lances until i can kill your serpents. When your serpents are down 3 units of t3 4+save is easy to destroy. Against the seer council any psyhic defense can ruin your day.

    Please buy fire dragons. Are too good to ignore. In rest i would tweak it a lot but i do not know what models you own.

    Do not mistake me i find the list pretty good and has good sinergy for a new player. But you miss 2 of our great advantages in the codex: 10 point 3 shots S6 gun and cheapest bs4 melta unit around. Look a little for cost effectivness while keeping your way of work. The main disadvantage of your list is low count of shots and units. you do not divide the firepower and do not expell enough firepower statistically. And using 2 close combat units in Eldar codex is a lot of fun but less competitive against a good opponent and list.
    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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