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    1000 pts, Learning Orks

    I have a fairly good sized Marine army.. that I've been playing for some time, and I also have a Fantasy Lizard army that I've put into boxes until 8th edition comes out, so my current long term project is a new Ork army.

    I love the Orky Boyz and their we'z the biggest so we'z the bestest attitude.

    I'm planning on eventually making this a competitive 1850 list, but I also want a decently competitive 1000 pt list, and I'm starting there and working up.

    Both lists will be based on Ghazghkull Thraka and his awesomeness.

    Here it is thus far:


    Ghazghkull Thraka


    20x Boyz; Nob w/ Power Klaw, Boss Pole

    20x Boyz; Nob w/ Power Klaw, Boss Pole

    5x Nobz; Painboy, 1 Power Klaw, Cybork, 'Eavy Armor, Boss Pole, Waaagh! Banner (Thraka goes here)


    7x Lootas

    Heavy Support:

    Battlewagon; Deathrolla, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job, Big Shoota (just so weapon destroyed isn't immobilized, also nobz ride here)

    Comes to exactly 1000 points

    Seems like a decent list.. the boyz unfortunately have to slog it, but with an AV14 monster plowing in with a rolla and lootas providing some fire support I think at 1000 points I'll be fine.

    The growth of the list will include more Deathrollas and probably some kans. But we'll cross that as we come to it.

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    Ghaz is to expensive at 1000, shelve him until you're a bit higher. There are things you need more than a good fighter.

    Hopefully those are Shoota Boyz.

    Make sure every Nob is different so you can cheat with wound allocation. Need at least 2-3 PKs.

    Lootas should be 9 to 11. You want some extra guys for Ld tests and because of the random shots.

    Wagon is good, I'd exchange RPJ for a Boarding Plank. Under-used upgrade imho.

    Ghaz can be traded in for a KFF Mek and than w/e else you want. Your basically banking your Wagon will hit, so it needs that cover save because it's open-topped and has weak sides. Grots would be a good buy as well, you simply can't hold back a Boy unit on an objective.
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