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    Unusual army list

    I used an unusual army list in a 1750 tourney.
    HQ (2/2)
    Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb and Phase Shifter 170
    Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb and Destroyer Body 170
    Troops (3/6)
    10 Necron Warriors 180
    10 Necron Warriors 180
    10 Necron Warriors 180
    Fast Attack (3/3)
    4 Destroyers 200
    4 Destroyers 200
    3 Wraiths 123
    Heavy Support(2/3)
    1 Monolith 235
    2 Tomb Spyders 110

    I know, you're gonna say "Hey, only 3 wraiths?" or "Make the destroyers 2x5".
    Honestly, I would say the same! Nevertheless, this list worked perfectly!
    I played the 2-objective scenario against mech imperial guard. The monolith destroyed a a chimera with the particle whip and teleported several times my warriors all over the battlefield. The 2 Necron Lords supported my warriors and destroyers and prevented my army from phasing out. The destroyers killed some lascannon bases and lots of enemy troops. The warriors destroyed a leman russ and another tank(don't remember), while the tomb spyders helped me with my cc problems along with the lords.
    Finally, the wraith time came! It was about the 5th round, when I trubo-boosted the wraiths and denied his objective! Suddenly, a veteran squad with 3 meltaguns shoted at them. The 2 melta shots wounded me, but none of the wraiths died. The 5th round ended, but the game continued! I assaulted and sweeped the veteran squad, but all of his weapons started to fire me! Battlecannons, heavy bolters, even lascannons. Only 2 of them died. The 1 Wraith stayed alive and I won the game.

    EDIT: Wraiths have a 3+ invulnerable save, one of the best saves in warhammer 40k. Do not underestimate it.

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