After a long break I reckon it's time to try out some alien horror. I'd like an army that is interesting to employ and to oppose. What do you reckon about this list?

2497 total
1 Hive Tyrant [250] -wings -lashwhip/bonesword -paroxysm -leech essence -old adversary
1 Tyranid Prime [95] -2 boneswords -deathspitter

3 Hive Guard [150]
3 Zoanthropes [220] -mycetic spore
2 Venomthropes [110]

5 Tyranid Warriors [180] -4 deathspitters -1 barbed strangler
1 Tervigon [195] -adrenal glands -toxin sacs -catalyst
20 Termagants [100]
10 Genestealers [140]
10 Genestealers [140]
19 Hormagaunts [114]

12 Gargoyles [96] -adrenal glands -toxin sacs
12 Gargoyles [96] -adrenal glands -toxin sacs
12 Gargoyles [96] -adrenal glands -toxin sacs

Trygon Prime [240]
3 Biovores [135]
3 Biovores [135]

I know, it seems unfocused, but here's one strategy for them: tyrant and gargoyles pick a flank and swarm forward; most everything does the same up the middle in tiers for cover; 'stealers outflank; zoans drop. The idea is to take the initiative from the opponent by providing many varied threats so he makes errors.