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    1,500 Points Army List

    I Wanted Your Feedback On My 1,500 Army List. I Am Wanting A Shooting Based Army

    Necron Lord W/Warscythe, Chronometron, Phase Shifter, Phylactery, Resurrection Orb
    Necon Lord W/Phase Shifter, Phylactery, Resurrection Orb
    20 Warriors
    20 Warriors
    3 Destroyers

    I Play Alot Of Space Marines And Chaos Space Marines And There Is A Ork Player. The Plan Was To Have A Lord In Each Sqaud Of Warriors So I Get My WBB Roll's From The Powerfists Ect. And The Destroyers At The Back Shooting At Termies Ect. And The Monolith To Stay Within 18" To Teleport And Get A Second Go At WBB If Needed If Not Then Partical Whip There Strongest Units. The Problem I Have Is Phase Out So Any Advise On Phase Out Would Really Help As Its A Big Problem For Me Thank You

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    I'd drop one of these guys, two really is unneccessary. I'd then cut all but the Res Orb on the one you're keeping to save these points for elsewhere.

    Cut these guys to squads of 10 instead of 20, it'll help more with Phase Out because you'll have less in a squad to get swept when you lose combat. I'd probably go with 3 squads of 10 Warriors here.

    Fast Attack:
    This is where your money makers are. I'd run as many Destroyers as possible here, they're just incredible. I've neer had a squad of Destroyers not make their points back and come through for me. Try 2 squads of 4 and 1 squad of 3 here.

    Keep it! Monoliths are devastating to most opponents, especial horde armies such as Orks thanks to that template.

    If you go with all this your list should look like:

    Lord with Orb - 140 pts
    3 squads of Warriors x10 - 180 pts each
    2 squads of Destroyers x4 - 200 pts each
    1 squad of Destroyers x3 - 150 pts
    Monolith - 235 pts

    You should still have about 35 pts to play with to add a useful piece of wargear to your Lord like Gaze of Flame or Chronometron.
    World Eaters: W-47 D-10 L-9
    Necrons: W-19 D-3 L-2
    Protectorate of Menoth: W-36 D-0 L-7

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    I think that 2 necron lords are very useful, especially when playing against such armies. On the other hand simple orb lords without extra wargear are fine.
    I agree that warriors should be 3x10. However, 11 destroyers are more than enough and easy KPs when playing annihilation. I think the work better when they are 2x4 or 2x5.
    The monolith is fine.
    I think the list should look like this:
    Lord with Orb - 140 pts
    Lord with Orb - 140
    2x10 Warriors - 540
    2x4 Destroyers - 400
    Monolith - 235

    With these 40 points remaining, you could add a warscythe to the one lord and a Phase Shifter or destroyer body to the other.
    Last edited by TheNightbringer; June 9th, 2010 at 14:41.

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