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    Stealer shock - viable still?

    I've been slowly redoing my stealer shock list. I haven't played it since the new codex came out and I've not been enamoured with Stealers in 5ed. Consolidation, wound allocation, run on all units and loss of feeder tendrils and any upgrade to charge into cover make them much less of a force. However, Broodlords are still pretty good and no longer unique. We also have some very nice backup for them now with pods able to drop in and HQ and troop slots have Tervigons. I wonder if this is enough compensation to run a viable list again?

    I'm using the basic commando stealer brood to infiltrate and hoping my Ravs and pods will get down quickly enough to help control the table and game flow. At 1500 I do ot have the points for Hive Commander ( which would be nice ). At 1750 I would consider adding that in.

    Now I'm totally sold on my Elite slots. I do love Hive Guard but I'm thinking I need something for AT that takes out 12+ reliably so perhaps Zoans. I also like the DoM. Okay. He can be hit or miss but when he hits he shifts the game.

    Stealer Shock

    HQ: 220
    Tervigon 220

    Catalyst, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Crushing Claws, Cluster Spines

    Elites: 300
    3x 2 Hive Guard 100

    Troops: 698[/FONT]
    3x 5 Genestealers 146
    Toxin Sacs
    Broodlord, Implant Attack

    Tervigon 200
    Catalyst, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Scything Talons, Cluster Spines

    12 Termagant 60

    Fast Attack: 175
    5 Raveners 175


    Total: 1498

    KP: 11
    Scoring: 5+

    Now we keep adding until 2500
    Trygon Prime 250
    Adrenal Glands

    Well that's the list and that's the reasoning. Comments welcome and feel free to rip it apart.

    Last edited by bebe; June 14th, 2010 at 01:08.

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    Sorry if im thread necroing here, just thought I'd add my thoughts.

    Re: stealer downgrades, they are now 2 pts cheaper per model, so they are still pretty nice, though no grenades sucks .

    Re: List, doesn't really seem like much of a stealer shock list, at 3 x 5 model units. So my first thought would be to add more stealers. My 2000 pt list has 2 x 14 stealers and I'd hardly call that stealer shock, unless im confusing shock with spam, not entirely sure on the terminology. You could even try a squad of Ymgarls for fun. If you need points you could try knocking some upgrades off the tervigons, and shifting one to HQ and getting rid of the termies (you get them free, you really don't need those extra troops at 1500).

    Also, I dont really know about the usefulness of toxin sacs on stealers, vs. meq and most MCs your looking for rends anyways due to saves, I'd rather have more stealers. And against anything less they aren't all that useful. Now on hormagaunts thats a different story due to weight of attacks.

    Zoans would be a good idea, try 2 in a pod (I like cluster spines on the pod but thats just a bonus really) instead of 2 hive guard.

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