A friend of mine wanted me to make a Tau army list for him, since he's new to Warhammer. I'm a bit of a novice myself, but this is what I came up with after looking through his codex:

Shas'el Commander
-Fusion Blaster
-Plasma Rifle
-Targeting Array
-Hard-Wired multi-tracker
-hard-wired drone controller: Marker drone
-Blacksun Filter
= 132

10 Fire Warriors w/Pulse carbines
-Bonding Knife
-Photon Grenades
-Targeting Array

10 Kroot Warriors
= 70

3 Stealth Suits
-Team Leader, Shas'vre
-3 Targeting Arrays
-Hard-Wired Drone controller, Marker Drone

1 Crisis Battlesuit
-Fusion Blaster
-Plasma Rifle
-Targeting Array
-Hard-Wired Multi-Tracker
-Hard-Wired Drone controller, marker drone

Heavy Support
Sky Ray
-Smart missles
-Targeting Array
-Disruption Pod

Total= 998.

The idea here would be to stay out of CC, obviously, and make extensive use of the marker drones.

Now, I would think this is a pretty decent list. However, I am kind of a newb and may not know what I'm talking about. Anyhow, thoughts? Changes? Thanks!