After a few games in, I really haven't been overly thrilled with the warriors. They are fantastic units, but they really haven't been adding anything crazy to the rest of my army as they tend to squat on objectives and babysit the hive guard (which can be done by the tervigon in most cases anyway).

This is still based on the escalation lists i've been spamming, but I'm subbing in more hormagaunts. They've been good at tying enemy units up and also force the opponent to make more hard decisions.

  • Hive Tyrant - Wings, Scything Talons, Bonesword + Lash Whip, Leech Essence, Paroxysm - 230
  • x2 Hive Guard - 100
  • x2 Hive Guard - 100
  • Zoanthrope - Mycetic Spore - 130
  • x10 Termgants - 50
  • x10 Termgants - 50
  • Tervigon - Catalyst - 175
  • Tervigon - Catalyst - 175
  • x20 Hormagaunts - 120
Fast Attack
  • x20 Gargoyles - Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands - 160
Heavy Support
  • Trygon - Prime - 240

Total: 1500

What do you think? Genestealers instead of the hormagaunts. Having something able to outflank would be nice. But I do like the speed and aggression in the above list.