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    2500 point shooty

    Ok here it goes I been away from 40k for a while missed ard boyz an everything lol but finally got some time to come back thru ablist together got a few games in with it an I must say I'm rather impressed with it so here's my new mid list made from my ol nidzilla

    hq 2 warrior primes with scythin talons and lash whip bone sword 190

    elites 3 broods of 3 hive guard 450

    troops 2 broods of 8 warriors with scythin talons an lash whip bone sword 720

    heavy 3 broods of 2 carnifexes with 2 sets of tl devourers with brain leech worms 1140

    total 2500
    the warrior primes are attached to the warriors and essentially act as my rush troops such as after all that shooting run in and kill whatever is left. The hive guard are my main anti armor but are also really effective against opponents such as plague marines an them nobz mobs. The carnifexes while a bit pricey I just can't let em go and I really hate the mawlock and trygon the tyranofex is a complete waste of paper in the codex so the carnifex is where it's at lol. With 24 str 6 shots per brood they can shoot down almost anything just by sheer volume of shots. The main battle plan here is to run the fexes out front giving everyone else a cover save lettin the guard blow up vehichles an the fexes gun everyone that poured out down an the warriors run up an wipe up any survivors. Lemme know what you think. Thanks

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    This list will get slaughterd against most 2500 lists. Theres no two ways about it, youve got no anti tank!

    9 hive guard cannot cope with the amount of transports and tanks at this level, you need more! Whilst thats a good start, you need to re-consider your Heavy options. For a start, why do you "hate" the mawloc and trygon? And the T-fex is certainly not a waste of paper! Its a fantastic unit at this kinda points level. Whilst there are more effective options for raw anti tank, dont write it off. Dakka fexs can deal with everything by the way, try dealing with AV12, when you have a -3 modifier, and Av13 when you need a 7 to glance! Anti-tank needs to be your main concern.

    Basically you dont need the fexs, and the warriors are way overpowerd. Theres too much anti-infantry and not enough anti-tank. Drop the warriors down to 5 each, and just give them dual boneswords and devourers, deathspitters if you have the points. Drop two of the fex broods in echange for either T-fexs or Trygons.

    Then grab yourself a tervigon or two, making sure to buy the accompaning 10 termaguants. Use these to support your main battle line, whist pumping out mobile cover.

    Whatever you do end up doing, you absolutly must have more anti tank. You need to sort that before you consider anything else.
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