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    Competitive army list

    Hey there. I've recently started playing Tyranids, and found it to be a very fun and effective army. I've made the best possible 1000 pts army I could come up with, but I don't know whether or not this army is going deliver a winning blow? (this is why I am asking for your oppinions)
    I have only tried a limited amount of games with the Tyranid army, and I only have a few models. So I need a verification of whether or not this army is going to kick it, before wasting my money on models I'm never gonna use.

    HQ - Tervigon: cluster spines, adrenal glands and toxin sacs 180 pts

    Troop - Tervigon: cluster spines, adrenal glands and toxin sacs 180 pts

    Troop - Warrior brood: 6 Warriors (5 armed with death spitters and 1
    armed with a barbed strangler) 215 pts

    Troop - Termagant brood: 13 Termagants 65 pts

    Troop - Termagant brood: 12 Termagants 60 pts

    Elite - Hive guard xx pts

    Elite - Hive guard xx pts

    Heavy support - Trygon xxx pts

    1000 pts total on the spot.

    If things go according to my plan, (which of course never happens) I will send my hive guards out to cover both my flanks, in order for them to get side / rear armor hits on vehicles going through the middle of the table. Tervigons and termagants will be my centre piece force, while advancing across the table, sending spawned termagants to hold objectives as they pass them. Finally my trygon will pop up behind enemy lines an reign havoc, while making a tunnel for my warriors to use any subsequent turn (as they are put in reserves). Warriors are armed with improved ranged weapons to make them more effective the turn they arrive (they can only shoot when they arrive!) plus they can take objectives, if uncontested.

    Note: I usually play against either space marines (tactical marines and thunderhammer/ shield termies are always a guarantee) or Imperial guard (chimeras, vet squad, leman russ, hellhound, sentinels and a platoon)

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    hmm, I'd say its a good start but your tervigon can be used as a troops choice, so for starters I'd say move it there, and from there instead of telling you of suggestions I'll show and explain

    [90] tyranid prime, D.boneswords

    [100] 2 hive guard
    [100] 2 hive guard

    [185] Tervigon, Catalyst, toxin sacs, cluster spines
    [100] 20x termagants
    [140] 3x warriors, 3x boneswords, 2x devourer, venom Cannon
    [88] 11x Hormagaunts, toxin sacs

    Heavy support
    [200] Trygon

    total - 1003

    Now to explain, with so much armor in mind you'll need a good source of constant fire, 2 hive guard split into 2 squads isn't going to do much, a 2x2 squad behind a gant line will bring much more to the table, including anti marine ( S8 win)

    2 tervigons eats up alot of points, and the common consensus is if you want to run 1 there should be 2, just because its a prime target, and will get focus fired. also its popular to only use 10 gants per tervy due to it spitting out more, I just consolidated it to 20 to keep the body count up.

    Warriors, I love em, but more than 4-5 a squad is a bit overkill, and deathspitters are nice, but devourers work just as good. but with the prime attached to them, increasing their bs, and throwing in some fun allocation, 4 pairs of boneswords are going to cut through marines perfectly fine when the time comes. and a S6 blast? + they get their own gaunt screen now

    I kept the trygon as is because, even if he does apear and gets shot to high heaven. that's alot of his turn he just spent on 1 guy, free turn of movement for you to get closer to him. it all evens out, and if he lives huzzah he gets to go nuts surrounded by ity bity men and toy cars

    Theese are just my suggestions, Hope they help ya with your own plans, Good Luck!

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