Farseer /w Doom (have model) 80pts

10xDire Avenger /w Exarch Shimmer Shield + Power Weapon Defend Bladestorm
Mounted in Wave Serpent /w EML vectored engines 341pts
3xJetbikes /w Shuirken Cannon 76pts
3xJetbikes /w Shuirken Cannon(have 3 jetbikes) 76pts

10xHowling Banshee's /w Exarch Executioner Warcry Acrobatic (have models) 332pts
Mounted in wave serpent /w EML vectored engines
6xFireDragons /w Exarch Tank hunters 123pts

6xSwooping Hawks /w Exarch + Intercept sunrifle 158pts

Falcon /w Shuriken Cannon holofield (own model) 155pts
Fire Prism holofield 150pts
The Seer rolls with the Banshees using the doom pw combo to help compensate for s3

the avengers and bikes are my scoring units (with the avengers being the ones most suited to holding their own

The banshees ill use to hunt elites or clear objectives and to draw fire (ppl dont like 30 odd ws4 s3 /w reroll pw attacks)
Fire dragons are tank / terminator hunters

the swooping hawks i like to use for heavy armour hunting, 6 haywire grenades tend to hurt landraiders / monoliths that the dragons cant get to or cant hurt

The fireprism i like the new model for it, its got some versitility (but not spell skills it seems) in its fire modes

id like to think its able to be ok in a tourney (prolly not filthy enough to win to shouldnt get hammered) while being nice enough to use in casual gaming

any comments welcome or things you would change etc