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    How does this sound for a 5 minute list?

    So my Chaos Daemon friend and I had a battle today which went fairly well in my favor.

    My friend (who is mostly Khorne) decided to proxy for Fate Weaver today. His list was something like,

    -Fate Weaver

    -10 Bloodletters
    -10 Bloodletters

    Heavy Support
    -Soul Grinder

    Sorry but I forgot the upgrades but it was mainly maxed out.

    Mine (which I put together within 10 mins and mostly proxies) followed as

    -Tyrant with LS/BS, Heavy Venom Cannon
    Old Adversary, Regeneration and Acid Blood - 255 (leech essence and paroxysm)

    -Hormagaunt Brood 12 Hormagaunts (the only models I actually own)
    Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacsx12 - 120

    -Hormagaunt Brood 20 Hormagaunts
    Adrenal Glands and Toxi Sacsx20 - 200

    -Termagant Brood 10 Termagants
    Devourersx10 - 100

    -Warrior Brood 3 Warriors
    Barbed Strangler and Deathspittersx2 - 115

    Heavy Support
    -Carnifex Brood 1 Carnifex
    Twinlinked Devourer with Brainleech Worms
    Heavy Venom Cannon and Regeneration - 225

    At the end of the game I had an untouched Carnifex, 7 termagants, a Warrior untouched and one with one wound. This was done in a 'fight to the death' theme, no turn limit basically.

    Let me know what you guys think. I have only had the codex for a few days but from reading through it discovered 'Nids have a "slight" problem fighting Daemons (Power Weapons everywhere!).

    Anything is helpful. I'm really just looking for a list I can buy my minis around.

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    Skulltaker is nasty! He took out my trygon with 1 hit. Fateweaver is overkill at 1K. A tough guy, but just too many points in lower games.

    For your list, give the Tyrant either 2 TL-D's or TL-D+HVC. Get rid of regeneration and acid blood.

    Hormagants are good, though I'd probably get rid of toxin sacs and just give them adrenal glands so that they can damage transports. Maybe 2x15 or 2x20 hormagants.

    I would get rid of the warriors and the devourers on your termagants (keep the gants though). In their place, add a tervigon w/catalyst and toxin sacs. If you have the spare points, you could give him adrenal glands as well.

    Lastly, get rid of regen on your carnifex. Personally, I'd trade him in for a trygon.
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