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    2000 points Tyranid pressure army list-friendly

    Hi all,

    I've been playing around with various ideas for Tyranid armies with the new codex and I'm trying to make one that whilst being focused on a particular aspect of play can take almost all comers. Here it is:

    Hq: Hive Tyrant with Wings, Hive Commander, Regeneration, Acid blood, Toxic Miasma, Paroxysm and Psychic scream. 305pts

    Elites: 1 Hive Guard 50pts

    3 Lictors 195pts

    Troops: Genestealer Brood, 14 'stealers with a broodlord, scything talons (inc lord). Lord has acid blood. 301pts

    20 Termagants with devourers and a mycentic spore.

    20 Hormagaunts with toxin sacs 160pts

    3 Warriors with rending claws, scything talons and a venom cannon.

    Fast attack: 6 Raveners with spinefists

    3 Spore Mines 30pts

    Heavy Support: Trygon with Regeneration

    Mawloc with Regeneration 195pts

    Total: 2016pts

    The list is supposed to apply pressure to the enemy early on. Only the Warriors, Tyrant and Hormagaunts deploy normally with the rest of the army infiltrating or deep striking. The Genestealers position themselves to get a charge on a juicy target (Devestators, Command Squads and the likes). If the army gets the first turn then the Genestealers rush forwards and into combat whilst the Hormagaunts rush forwards with the warriors behind them. The Hive Tyrant Keeps its head down, moving up the board if it can but remaining safely out of harm's way. If the army gets the second turn the Genestealers and Hormagaunts are likely to get shot to pieces but will provide enough fodder for the next turn before the rest of the army deep strikes. If by some miracle the genestealers survive then they charge on your turn, trying to do as much damage as possible.

    On the second turn two thrids of the models you have deep striking can be expected to arrive. Each creature in this list that deep strikes has some form of ranged attack (if you count detonating spore mines and the Mawloc's terror from the deep) so they'll be able to counterattack immediatley. Keep advancing the hormagaunts up the board and fly the Hive tyrant up to try to get paroxysm off on a unit that will give you some trouble shooting or assaulting next turn (I doubt there will be many of the latter category considering the CC capabilities of this list). If they have arrived position the Termagants so they can use their 60 shots to take out a unit that badly needs killing. They'll probably cause anything short of terminators to at least flee, leaving you one less unit to deal with next turn.

    In short by the time you deep strike the enemy will suddenly have to face an all out assault from several fronts backed up by Hormagaunts and warriors.

    All suggestions are very welcome.

    "Not even death will save you from me."

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    scrap the regen for 2 more hive guards, try to find points for prime-ing the trygon, worth it's 40 extra points, the Tyrant is too costly for the enemy to let him run loose, he probably won't survive turn 2-3. running the stealers is not a good idea-300 for 17 wounds with lame armor save and no shooting is a big sitting duck! . you batter be ready to get at least a single turn of fire on your entire army, and it will hurt!

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    I'd say scrap regen everywhere its really quite uneccessary, also tyrant has way to many points on him acid blood, i'd stick with just wings HC 2x talons

    im not normaly a devilgant fan but they're in a spore so they'll be getting used so thats fine,

    I'd also suggest outflanking the stealers and taking acid blood of the broodlord, also uncessary points and maybe running 8 instead of 14.

    for the same price as spinefists i'd stick with devourers but thats me i've never personally liked spinefists.

    witht he extra points I high suggest getting a full squad of hive and maybe more if you can afford it, they are invaluable

    other than the minor tweaks I think its lookin good

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