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    Another 1k Nid list from yours truly.

    Well its me again, still making 1k lists while waiting for my buddies to get their armies past 1k. Sure will be nice once I can start using more of my nids.....

    Anyways after my last tourney I decided to make some lists that don't have a tyrant leading them. It just seems that at low points there arent enough threats to draw fire from him. That and he isn't as cost efficient as trygons and the like.

    Here's my list (comes out to 999 pts)

    Cluster Spines
    Toxin Sacs
    Adrenal Glands

    2 Hive Guard
    2 Hive Guard

    Doom of Malan'tai
    Mycetic Spore

    14 Termagants

    12 Genestealers
    Toxin Sacs


    So, how does it look?

    I'm thinking about dropping the Doom to try out Deathleaper. It seems like a great critter to use to disrupt enemy plans and harrass stuff. Also seems to be a better anti-psyker unit now that SitW got nerfed.

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    is the trygon deep striking? if so i'd suggest take him or the Doom 3 deep strikers with no help is kind of tooo much

    8 stealers with toxin sacs seems like plenty of firepower to me

    any extra I'd say get more gribblies or warriors to fill out your troops selection, I usually use the prime as my hq in 1k games and throw him in with some warriors or zoeys depending on what I take, but thats me.

    so.... drop, either the, Doom, Trygon or Stealers, 2 is fine, But I still prefer 1 or less because only having a 50/50 for over 2 strikers makes it all the easier for your opponet to handle. and use the rest to fill out your troops with some muscle/numbers other than that It seems fine to me.

    I've had pretty good luck using a flyrant in my 1k games, which is the primary list I use, hes lead about the board by 20 or so gargoyles followed by the rest of my army, with no suprises or outflankers. but thats built for him so, it all, depends on your taste and then balancing it appropriately

    (at 1.5k that's a different story)

    hope it helps

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