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    2000pts footslogging [eventual first full army]

    Hi there! I am trying to plot out what I need to buy to make a decent Eldar army. I would like both general advice and tournament advice. Keep in mind that I don't plan to play tournaments regularly so I am more concerned with ability to win the fight than take the objectives, although suggestions for tournament play are welcome too. My army is below

    Dire Avenger x 10
    Exarch- 2 Shuriken Catapults, Bladestorm
    Total: 152

    Dire Avengers x 10
    Exarch- Diresword, Bladestorm
    Total: 157

    Farseer x1- Spiritstones, Guide, Doom, Fortune
    Total: 150

    Harlequins x 1- fusion pistol x2
    Troupe Master
    Total: 240

    Wraithlord x 1- Diresword
    Total: 100

    Rangers x 10 -> Pathfinders
    Total: 240

    Farseer x 1- Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Singing Spear, Mindwar, Fortune, Doom
    Warlock x 10- Conceal, Embolden, Enhance
    Total: 459

    Fireprism x 1- holofields
    Total: 150

    Warpspiders x 10
    Exarch: Extra Spinner/ Spinaret Rifle, Powerblades, Surprise Assault, Withdraw
    Total: 272

    Grand Total: 1920 (if everything is right)

    The strategy thus far involves moving the Dire Avengers down the center as a gunline with support from the lone Farseer who would be attached to one of the squads. At the same time The "Seer Council" and the Harlequins would move up opposite flanks to present a melee threat. The Pathfinders and the Fireprism would sit back and fire at whatever needs to be fired upon or whatever leaves itself open. The Wraith lord would advance with one of the flanking forcesl. The Warpspiders would bring in an element of havok an disarray in the backlines of the opposing force.

    Now I have several conerns. First, at this level I would really like to max my heavy support. I could either throw in another Wraithlord with the Diresword and place one on both flanks (or the area between the flanks and the Avengers) or I could throw in another Fireprism with holofields. I am under the impression that doubling the Fireprisms would be the better choice since they can combine power to be more effective against stronger single units or squads. The army already feels pretty capable in close combat. I don't know what the best way to add either of those in would be. I suppose the "Seer Council" is the biggest point sink and could afford to be smaller. Although out of my own preference the Warp Spiders are the unit which I like the least from a collectors standpoing so I would be inclined to remove a few of them or the entire unit in lieu of something else.

    Another thought I had was including a squad of 15-20 Storm Guardians to support the Dire Avengers. I am concerned about their minimal range and general Eldar fragileness. In a stronger army, or a highly center charge oriented one, the Avengers could be overrun by Orkz or shot down by Tau. The Guardians could serve as a damage sink, distractor, counter charger or any othe r role to add a small degree of flexibility to my army.

    Final thoughts before people begin to pick it apart. I made this army with the intent of being intelligent, but while picking the Eldar units I like the most. As such, I want to keep the Avengers, lots of psyker goodness, the Harlequins, Rangers and a Wraithlord in my final version. I am less attached to the Fireprism (I thought it would be a useful unit in my short range footslogging list). Speaking of footslogging, I have no interest in mechanizing my army or mounting it on jet bikes. I like the current character a good deal and don't want radically alter it's entire function.

    Most importantly, thank you for taking the time to read over my list and thank you for taking the time to offer any suggestions you give me.

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    Avatar and Farseer is a required combo for Footdar, preferably with Eldrad. A Fortuned Avatar is almost unkillable with how much Melta most armies run and he's another tarpit which you also need.

    What do your Wraithlords actually have? I'd go B.Lance/EML because you're going to have trouble with tanks but a more infantry hating load could work too. I'd drop the Prism for another Lord, it's just going to eat tons of anti-tank fire and not help you.

    Do all the Harlequins have Kisses? I'd give the Troupe Leader a PW and maybe another Fusion Pistol.

    Spiders are good but be careful with them, they die so easily but can really be powerful.

    I'd roll Guardians over DAs, the Platform gives you a larger threat range and with a Warlock and Conceal they become hard to shift. You can get 3-4 choices with a Scatter Laser or S. Cannon and make a much bigger dent.
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    Drop the fireprism if you don`t plan to go mech later and invest in the army. it will be the focus of all AT weapons of the enemy and die a painfull death. Buy dragons to fill the gap in points because they are awesome uber cheap melta of doom unit. rest is up to you and do not think you`ll gonna win many matches against competent armies that do not have money limitation on mech ability.
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