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    Cautious orks 1500p

    Here's a draft for an ork list for an upcoming tournament. Previously I've just driven full speed ahead with all my trukks. But I want to play a little more cautious than normal with more dakka. I think against some armies I can let them come to me instead. Fo example the new codexes SW,BA and nids.

    HQ1: Warboss
    ’eavy, Cybork, PC, Kombiscorcha, BP

    HQ2: Big mek
    Burna, ‘eavy

    7 Lootas 105p

    7 Tankbustas
    Nob, BP, 3 Squigs, 1 hammer

    Rokkits, Buzzsaw

    6 Nobs
    4 ‘Eavy, 2 Cybork, PC, 2 BC, Kombiscorcha, Kombirokkit, runt, Painboy
    Trukk, RPJ, Ram

    12 Sluggaboyz
    Nob, PC, BP
    Trukk, RPJ, Ram

    12 Sluggaboyz
    Nob, PC, BP
    Trukk, RPJ, Ram

    20 Shootaboyz
    Nob, PC, BP, 2 BS

    3 Lobbas
    3 runts

    Killkannon, BS, RPJ, Ram

    Totalt: 1494p

    Tankbustas in Battlewaggon. Kilkannon most for fun and for scare. Hit me with you comments. All thoughts are apriciated.

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    It's a good start, but there are a few changes I'd make.

    Most importantly, the nobz aren't legal. You can't give some nobz eavy armor and others cybork. Either they all have it or none of them do. I'd personally just give them all cybork, but use what you like. I'd also give them a waaaaugh banner, so they hit virtually all opponent's on 3's, and a second powerklaw. You can probably ditch the big choppas and combi-rokkit for points, unless you're going for the 'unique nob' trick.

    The big mek really needs a kustom force field, to give all the vehicles a 4+ save. As it stands, he just won't do enough to warrant his cost.

    I'd drop the killkannon off the battlewagon, as you'll be moving full speed on most turns, and won't be able to fire. Instead, I'd take a deffrolla and grot riggers.

    I'd try and add 2 lootas to the unit, even if you have to add mek models with big shootas. Similarly, you could really use 2 special guns in the unit of shoota boyz, either big shootas or rokkits.

    Finally, always put the bosspole on the unit of nobz, not the character attached to them. That way you don't lose it if the character is killed.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    *Moved to army-list section.*
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