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    1500 eldar list would really like some help

    -Singing Spear,Spirit Stones ,Ruins of Witnessing ,Doom ,Fortune

    The Avatar of Khaine

    10x Howling Banshees w/ Exarch
    -Executioner,War Shout

    6x Fire Dragons w/ Exarch
    -firepike,Crack Shot

    10x Dire Avengers w/ Exarch
    -Shimmer Shield and Power weapon,Blade Storm

    20x Guardians
    -Bright Lance

    4x Guardian Jetbikes

    Heavy Support
    5x Dark Reapers w/ Exarch
    -Eldar Missle Launcher,Fast Shot

    Wave Serpent
    -Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons

    -Scatter Laser

    Total= 1498

    Banshees will go in the serpent as well as the farseer. fire dragons in the falcon. basically fire dragons and banshees are going to support each other by sticking together. the 4 jetbikes will be used as distractions aka sacraficed for example if im aiming to kill a squad of termies il quickly assualt them giving my banshees and fire dragons time to get their and finish them off basicly pick the opponents most threating unit to my army and pick it off quick the rest of the list is self explanatory.

    Please give me your thoughts and suggestions
    thank you

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    i`ll pretend that i am the opponent:

    let`s say you got lucky and had first turn

    you fortune the dragon falcon and zoom it foward. you zoom the banshees also. avatar will run/sit on the ass/doing nothing. foot dar guys will not do anything important, the jetbikes if are not in reserve will hide like pussies and dark reapers will kill some stuff (assuming i have stuff not in transports).

    Now is my turn. i drom 10 meltas on you falcon and kill it. this is the 4+ cover limitation. then kill your dragons. Then break if i can the banshees serpent. if i cannot i`ll put a large ring of cannon fodder so your bansees cannot kill anything important. If i have firepower left i`ll pew pew the reapers a little (probably not with great success). Now from the third turn after you killed probably 1-2-3 units of mine plus 1-2 transports and i killed you falcon/serpent/dragons/banshees you got no mobility left. so i start gangbanging you flanks and kill your girls. reapers will die first than the avengers. if i have cc units `ill break the fearless guys in cc so i can laugh at the avatar. then you lost and wondered why when bring such battleforce horror.

    PS rune of wittnesing and no rune of warding? am i drinking or you do not want to stop lash, living lightning, catalyst sau blood lance?
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    With the Avatar you will need some other unit to support it, a combat-oriented Wraithlord or a combat squad. On its own it is slow and isolated. Drop some Guardians as you don't really need that many and give the Avengers and Serpent to get them in range faster. You may also with to lose the Exarch from the Fire Dragons as it is rather unnecessary and the unit will be targeted by most opponents with extreme prejudice.
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    hey i like this list it looks fun to play but u can save a few points and be more effective for example lose the fire dragon exarch and u can drop one if u want 5 usually can kill any tank cept a monolith nothing can ahaha. split ur guardians squads into 2 both with lances maybe drop a jetbike to buy runes and a shuriken cannon for them

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    Well first thing you need to consider is what opponent are you fighting? I'll assume that from your example of killing off terminators your going against sapce marines.
    Eldar have squads to do just about anything but you need to know which to take especially in a low point game of 1500. You are limited in you selection so you need to choose wisely.

    Lets us go on the assumption that your fighting space marines, they are tough bastards, even their regular troops so the reapers are a good choice if not a bit expensive. You could probably take 1 or 2 of them away and still have a good unit while freeing up a good number of points.

    Space Marines also sport some fear some weaponry, the las-cannon springs to mind. This will be very dangerous to your tanks so what we need is a bullet magnet, aka The Wraithlord.
    Even if your opponent shoots this bad boy with a las cannon he will need a 3+ to wound it and it has 3 wounds. His regular troops shouldn't be able to hurt it so if you do manage to get in close combat with them then they are, in a word, f***ed. He can equip some pretty good hardware as well. Id take the bright lance from your guardians and give it to him because he actually has a better chance of hitting something with it. The wraith lord and avatar are major bullet magnets so walk these bad boys straight towards him side by side and watch what happens.

    If you want more fire power I'd throw in some war walkers as they are cheap and they can be fitted with some really good weaponry and if you hold them in reserve they can out flank your opponent and take out some of his heavy support or troops with them easily. Even terminators should fear these bad boys as one war walker can throw out 4 starcannon shots (AP2).

    One thing you could do is get a squad of Harlequins and stick your farseer with them and run them up the field behind your avatar. Using the veil of tears (Harlequin Shadowseer) no enemy unit will be able to target you until they are at least 24 inches away but if you have an avatar and wraitlord in front of them then I'm sure they wont be targeted even then. Anyway, your farseer while safely hidden from enemy fire can fortune the avatar making him even more durable and fear some. For your farseer you definately need to take ROWarding [B]AND[B] ROWitnessing, Spirit stones and Doom and Fortune. Now while these guys are marching up the field your reapers and/or Warwalkers are peppering them with heavy fire softening the enemy and removing the bigger threats to you while he focused on the Avatar and Wraithlord.

    Even if he manages to take out your avatar and wraithlord you now have a squad of harlequins up close and personal and they are not to be underestimated! With rending weapons they will be able to take out lightly armoured vehicles and tear through terminator armour (Especially if you doom them first!) And striking at initative 7 they will strike before anything else in CC.

    With all the anti tank with your reapers and/or warwalkers, wraithlord and avatar(Melta attack) You dont need the fire dragons and can spend the points else where.

    I would not take a full squad of guardians, if you just want a cheap troops choice so points can be spent else where just pick up a basic 5 man squad of Dire Avengers (60pts) but truth fully your big squad of Guardians is just a waste of points, especially with a bright lance. BIG WASTE OF POINTS! You don't have points to waste here so use them wisely.

    While softening other squads with your reapers/warwalkers use your banshees in a wave serpent to finish them off before getting them to hop in again and take off towards your next opponent. Banshees should be used to finish off a squad, against the marines you need 5+ to wound so only target a low number squad or doom them, Banshees just cant take a counter attack, unlike the harlequins they dont have the hit and run ability. (BTW 192 points will alos give you acrobatics for the banshees but its not written on your list. If your only going to take one of the upgrades Id drop the war shout as space marines have really high Leadership so wont fail the test often.)

    Farseer - ROWard, ROwit, SS, Doom, Fortune 155pts
    Avatar of Khaine 155pts

    Bansheex10 - Exarch with Executioner, acrobatics 187pts
    Wave serpent - TL shuriken cannon 100pts

    Harlequins x8 - Shadowseer, Harlequins kiss x8 176pts

    Dire Avengers x9 108pts
    Wave serpent - TL Shuriken Cannon 100pts

    Dire Avengers x5 60pts

    Wraithlord - bright lance 130pts

    Dark Reapers x3 - Exarch with missle launcher, fast shot 147pts

    War walkers x 2- both armed with bright lances and star cannons and Spirit stones 180pts


    This is based off what I suggested but this is a very quick list I threw together so I havent spent time fine tuning points so feel free to ditribute the points and change weapons on the warwalkers to what ever you think would suit you better. This was a very long winded reply but I hope it helped you. No doubt there will be people who disagree with my suggestions but they work for me but I do play bigger points games so I can get a slightly better balanced list on the go. The eldar have a squad for everything, the key to your victory is knowning what you need and having it where you need it when you need it. Happy gaming!

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