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    2000 Points Tyranids - This Calls for the Swarmlord


    I have decided to go right on ahead and write up my 2000 point list that I am aspring to. Hopefully though, I can get some feedback on my 500 point Tyranid list that on the forum as well, so I can get an idea of the direction I should be steering in. Again, all criticism and feedback is welcome.

    The Swarmlord 310
    Tyrant Guard ( x2 )
    w/ Lash Whips ( x2 )

    Tyranid Prime 95
    w/ Pair of Boneswords

    Hive Guard ( x3 ) 150

    Zoanthropes ( x3 ) 230
    Mycetic Spore
    w/ Stinger Salvo

    Tyranid Warriors 190
    one w/ Barbed Strangler
    Scything Talons
    rest w/ Lash Whip and Bonesword
    Rending Claws
    (Tyranid Prime)

    Tyranid Warriors 130
    one w/ Barbed Strangler
    Scything Talons
    rest w/ Rending Claws
    Scything Talons

    Termagants ( x16 ) 80

    Hormogaunts ( x15 ) 90

    Hormogaunts ( x15 ) 90

    Trygon Prime 275
    Adrenal Glands

    Carnifex 250
    Stranglethorn Cannon
    Scything Talons
    Mycetic Spore
    Twin-Linked Deathspitter

    TOTAL: 2000

    Please take the time to comment on the list, and I will be sure to do the same if you ever to create a list for an army that I am aware of. Cheers.

    Good Hunting.

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    First off, drop the rending claws on your warriors. They already have a power weapon, which means you're using your warriors as anti tank as well, which is better left to hive guard, zoans, and MC's. And with the points you save from dropping the claws on the one squad, upgrade the other to bone swords. Also, if you take the whip/sword, the warrior with the barbed strangler needs to have them too, can't have only one with scything talons.

    Personally, I never take weapons on my mycetic spores, ballistic 2 makes me cringe, and they also already have the strength 6 tentacle gun.

    I would give your carnifex devourers over the stranglethorn cannon, you're dropping him in via pod close to the enemy so you can bio-plasma, I presume, and I feel 6 strength 6 shots is better than one strength 6 blast template. It also gives you better vehicle killing capabilities, hitting rear armor more times.

    I'm also not sure what the swarmlord is for, other than being super-cool-awesome. You have no outflankers, and only 2 units deepstriking. He is a turbo melee beast, but I think a regular tyrant with hive commander would be better in this case. Cheaper, and you still get your +1 reserve rolls, plus you can outflank with a warrior squad or something, which can cause serious headaches for your opponent.

    I'd really want to see another unit of hive guard in the list, it seems to be a little light on anti-tank as it stands.

    Well, there's a lot of criticism there for you, hope It helps you become a better devourer of worlds :3

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    lets do some shaving ;p

    any weapon on a spore shouldn't probably be taken, for now lets just remove those. could do to lose 1 tyrant guard for now as well and probably the prime, I don't see him getting into play fast enough unless hes outflanked with some warriros to be of much use unless there all shooty warriors

    for your warriors, the rule stands
    The entire brood may exchange its XXX for XXX
    So I'm pretty sure its a all or nothing unless it specifies 1 may take something different, ala the stranger or VC

    so they can all have BS/LW and 1 with a Barbed strangler, or all have Scything talons and a barbed strangler, and honestly I dont think they all need the BS/LW there very expensive were the D.boneswords will work just as well and you could even give them adrenal glands and have them cost the same as before. If you want them to act as an assassin unit the prime should invest in the BS/LW and leave the warriors to hit with AG and D.boneswords (IMO)

    It also apears your other walking warriors are cc only? you need DAKKA Rending claws and devourers work well, don't forsake your guns! and in the same mindset the VC I think brings alot more to the table than the Barbed strangler, it won't be doing much against anything unless your playing an opposing swarm list with nothing in tin cans

    Your trygon costs SOOOO much, hes going to be shot to bits the turn he arrives and odds are he'll be the prime target over warriors and a confused fex, a plain trygon does the job fine and if you could spare the change from whats going on, a pair is even better ( they will get to HIT something)

    mr Fex is quite confused (as mentioned above) if hes be'ing spored in he should be either a pure dakka fex or screamer killer, 2x scything talons + bioplasma, or 2x TL brainleech dev's. Both of theese builds have a specific role, and cost less than what hes now.

    now said changes in simple form (as its late and I'm lazy)

    - every upgrade on a spore
    + 3 hive guard,
    - 1 warrior brood ( set last brood up as, Prime, BS/LW, 4-5 warriors, D.bonesword, dev, +/- AG, outflanked(I actually dont know if alien cunning works the same as hive commander and if it doesn't let a troop outflank then BLARGH ))
    - drop the hormagaunts
    -trim termagants to 10x
    + 2 tervigons ( if you don't have the tools to do so then probably 2 broods of warriors (3-4 each) accompanied with 20x hormies each, should be close to the same except less cool psychic powers(also )

    trygon needs to be cheaper a vanilla gon will do, pairs work best

    if you stick with a fex maybe try 2 instead of 1, and either make it pure CC or DAKKA

    bedtime, hope some of this helps with your plotting to rue someones evening

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