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    1500 'Foot slogger'

    hey guys just wanted to see what you all thought of my list please feel free to criticise.


    Heavy Venom Cannon
    Old adversary
    Hive Commander

    2x Tyrant Guard 365


    20x Hormaguants w/Toxin Sacs

    20X Hormaguants w/Toxin Sacs

    11X Genestealers 474


    3x Hive Guard

    3X Hive Guard

    2x Zoanthropes w/Mycetic Spore 460

    Heavy Support

    Trygon 200

    Ok so the general idea is the tyrant, guants and HG all march up as a group, using the guants as a meat sheild and the HVC and HG to pop transports. The stealers and trygon are there to cause some trouble from reserve. The zoans just incase i come up against anything that needs to be popped like Land Raiders. I'm also considering dropping the gaunts down to 4 squads of 10 for objective purposes.

    So what do you all think?? I play in a gaming club where im likely to go up against most armies, but mostly marines.

    Any feedback appreciated

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    its a good start but your tyrant is way to expensive also you dont need both hive commander and old adversary, and 1 tyrant guard is enough

    for a walking tyrant i'd recomend a HVC with bonesword laswhip, 1 guard, and hive commander or old adversary, but since you have reservers i'd say stick with hive commander

    or kit him with 2, TL brainleech devourers, and 1 guards and Hive commander, this will keep him a bit more reasonable points wise

    you only have 1 synapse creature thats walking, your troops could do with some warrior buddies

    I'd suggest dropping each gaunt squad to 15 and your genestealers to 8

    everything else looks fine

    with your extra points from those i'd say get some warriors

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