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    500pts wildriders of the blackstone help

    i want to have a full bike army and am starting at 500pts and intend to finally be able to play 2500pts. this is what i have got as my 500 pt list
    Autarch- laser lance, jetbike
    5x jetbikes- shuriken cannon
    5x jetbikes
    6x jetbikes shuriken cannon

    That all adds up to 492pts.

    what should i buy to expand to 1000pts

    i am meant to put soething clever and cool in this box, But do you know what i really cant think of anything at all. LOL <-----sums me up very well

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    If your going purely for a bike army then some vyper jetbikes would be recommended and they carry some major firepower. But you will need tanks in there wether they be falcons, wave serpents or Fire prisms. Fire prisms will give you the range and falcons will give you some heavy support and transport capabilitys.

    Any Eldar army has to have Farseers and warlocks, they do cost a fair bit when mounted on jetbikes but add an extra kick to your army and they will also have to be converted as they do not sell models for them. What I did was get some heavy weapon platforms (Not the guardian squad ones but the heavy support option) and mounted a Walock/Farseer model on them. They look pretty good but anther way would be to use a regular jetbike and chage the torso and head for that of a Warlock/Farseer. There are a number of ways you are able to do this and you can get detailed discriptions with out to much searching.

    I would recommend getting a wave serpent or two for some of your elites to ride in and since your army is jetbike based Shining spears will be a welcomed (If not costly) addition. Stick an Autarch with a laser lance with these guys and you have a dangerous combination going.

    There are plenty people on the site who can offer some better advice than myself on this matter as I prefer a hybrid army but I hope my advice was helpful in some way. Have fun and good luck!

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    Bikes work best in multiples of three to get the most cannons possible. Adding in a warlock with a spear gives the units a bit more AT bite and the powers can be rather helpful. Off hand I would drop one of the 5 man teams, up the other to 6, then add cannons to both units and a warlock to one. As the list grows getting a 3rd troop will almost be a requirement, as wll some better AT. Vypers keep with the bike theme and our grav tanks don't look out of place next to the bikes while being able to take heavy weapons the bikes can't.

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