Hello all, I need some help with this list I made while on vacation last week.


Hive Tyrant
-Heavy Venom Cannon, Old adversary, Regeneration, Hive Commander and Acid Blood
This build is questionable. I only added the HC and AB because I had spare points. I hear the Brainleech Worms are better however. Alot of suggestions would help here.


Warriors x3
-Venom Cannon and Deathspitters x2

Genestealers x8
-Toxin Sacs

Hormagaunts x24
-Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs
This is also questionable.


Hive Guard x2




Im thinking about removing the upgrades on the genestealers and buying a spore for one zoanthrope. Does this seem effective? What I really want is a better build for my Tyrant.
I am open to suggestions and am free to build around this. The only models I own are the Warriors and 12 Hormagaunts.

Thank you